DVA can fund your Qualification

Being competitive in the labour market is a key challenge veterans and injured service people can face during their transition into civilian life. While many skills are obtained during service, many are not recognised in the civilian space. This means your resume may not be considered by employers if you do not possess the right qualifications.

Under DVA funding, Veterans and injured service people can access education as part of their rehabilitation plan. This is because DVA understand that qualifications are key to achieving sustainable employment.

3CIR works in partnership with accredited Registered Training Organisation Asset College (RTO#31718) and can provide educational services eligible for DVA funding.


3CIR can work with DVA for:

Defence Force Transition Program (DFTP)
Part of this program involves career transition training to help you obtain gainful employment after discharge. If you are eligible, you’ll receive a contribution of up to $5,320 to help fund upskilling or training. You can find out more about it here.  
Defence Force Transition Program (DFTP)
Vocational Rehabilitation 3ICR & DVA
Vocational Rehabilitation
Retraining and further education may be part of your rehabilitation packaged if you’re injured and eligible for this program. DVA will assist in funding for any short course or qualification provided it is through a Registered Training Organisation. You can find out more information here.

Why Choose 3CIR?

Tailored Education and Training Programs:

With over 40 nationally recognised qualifications available, we can design training and education programs that meet your specific needs (from basic literacy and numeracy to advanced diplomas).

Liaising with DVA and Rehabilitation Providers:

As veteran education specialists, we’re experienced with working alongside DVA and rehabilitation providers to provide funding and support services.

Supportive Environment:

3CIR is a Veteran owned and operated organisation. We understand first-hand what life is like after service and provide a supportive community to help you successfully transition back to civilian life.

Flexible Learning Options:

Learn at your own pace with our flexible online learning model. We also provide training credits through Recognition of Prior Learning, which may potentially reduce your study time.

Ready to take the next step?

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    DVA & 3CIR FAQs

    The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), rehabilitation program, is designed to provide veterans with injuries and need help securing employment with access to free, high-quality online education and training courses. The aim is to help them build their skills, enhance their employability, and successfully transition to civilian life.

    The program is available to all Australian Defence Force (ADF) veterans on an approved DVA rehabilitation program.

    The program offers a wide range of accredited courses and professional development programs, including but not limited to:


    Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

    Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

    Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

    Certificate IV in Security Risk Management

    Certificate IV in Project Management Practice

    Participants can choose from various fields such as management, health and safety, risk management, and project management to match their interests and career goals.

    To enrol in a course through 3CIR, follow these steps:


    Visit the 3CIR website at https://www.3cir.com/dva-3cir/

    Browse the available courses and choose one that aligns with your interests and goals.

    Complete the online application form, providing all required information and documentation.

    Once your application is submitted, the 3CIR team will review it and contact you with further instructions on accessing your chosen course.

    No, the courses offered through the DVA rehabilitation program, if approved, are fully funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs, so there are no tuition fees or additional costs for eligible participants. However, please note that the program does not cover any personal expenses related to the completion of the course, such as internet access or computer equipment.

    Empowering Veterans through Education: Unlock Your Full Potential with 3CIR

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