Transition Your Skills into Recognised Qualifications! 25% ADF & Emergency Services Discount

Transition Your Skills into Recognised Qualifications! 25% discount

About Us

About Us

Our Story


Our Legacy: Honouring Service Through Education

At the heart of 3CIR are five powerful tenets: Courage, Commitment, Comradery, Integrity, and Respect. These aren’t just words to us; they encapsulate the essence of who we are, guiding our mission, purpose, and how we work.

Who We Are:

Proud Australian Defence Force Army veterans founded 3CIR. 3CIR emerged from a passion for assisting fellow servicemen and servicewomen in transitioning seamlessly from active duty to civilian life. Our unique heritage gives us an unparalleled insight into the challenges faced by our Military and Emergency Services Personnel.

Our Pledge to You: At the core of 3CIR is a deep-rooted commitment to ‘serve those who serve’. In honour of your dedication, we proudly offer all Military and Emergency Services Personnel, both past and present, a 25% discount across all our courses. No exceptions, no gimmicks. Because gratitude shouldn’t come with asterisks. We genuinely understand the highs and lows, challenges and triumphs of life after service. And as a testament to our roots, 3CIR remains Veteran Owned and Operated. We recognise the invaluable skills and experience you’ve garnered in your service. Our expertise lies in Military and Emergency Services Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), translating your acquired competencies into nationally recognised qualifications. Whether you’re looking to secure a new job, ascend the ranks, or pivot into a different career, we ensure your service isn’t just acknowledged but rewarded.

Airforce RPL


Within the next five years, we aspire to establish ourselves as the foremost RPL consultants for ADF and emergency services personnel.


We continually hone our skills with unwavering determination to pave a dependable and intuitive pathway. We are dedicated to ensuring our colleagues receive swift, hassle-free recognition for their invaluable service, skills, and knowledge.

At 3CIR, we don’t just see your service; we celebrate it.