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Take the first step towards a new future with higher education courses and training from 3CIR. With a range of flexible learning options available, 3CIR makes it easy to upskill for a new career, set yourself apart for an upcoming promotion or further your professional development. No matter what your goals are, chase them with in-demand skill sets, and formalise your existing experience with recognised qualifications.

Did you know you may already be entitled to formal accreditation and valuable qualifications based on your previous experience and learning on the job? With 3CIR, you can achieve certifications or higher education diplomas effortlessly and quickly, thanks to the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process.

3CIR — Who we are and our services

Our company name, 3CIR, stands for Courage, Commitment, Comradery, Integrity, and Respect. These values underpin everything we do as a training organisation. We offer online training courses for Australians who want to bolster their qualifications and achieve their professional goals.

For anyone working in the private sector, our flexible study options offer you a pathway to upskill rapidly, gaining certificates or higher education diplomas to bolster your resume. For veterans and those in the military and emergency services, 3CIR gives you the tools and papers you need to transition into the civilian job market successfully.

You may already qualify for a certificate or higher education diploma

Many Australians have practical skills and education they’ve gained on the ground in armed and emergency service roles or their civilian jobs. You may already have the experience required to gain nationally-recognised qualifications. At 3CIR, we are the experts in RPL, transforming your previous experience into tangible qualifications that set you apart when applying for jobs.

Learn more about RPL

RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning and is a process by which your skills, experience and training gained during your service or occupation can be converted into official qualifications. Without any extra work, RPL allows you to present your skills and strengths in nationally accepted diplomas that are attractive to employers and recruiters. By qualifying the RPL process, you can gain a foot up in the job market, maximise your skill sets and attractively present them — thus giving yourself the best chance to achieve your career goals.

Online training courses for in-demand skills

3CIR offers a variety of higher education courses to prepare you for roles in the public service and private sectors in cyber security, management, business and more. Discover our online courses with certificates 2, 3 and 4, and diplomas and higher education graduate diplomas.

  • Leadership and Management — Whether you’re looking to take the next step within your organisation and move into a management role or are looking to enter into a new career and want the skills to enable your next professional step, our higher education courses in leadership and management will help you to make strategic decisions, problem solve and bring expertise to any management role.
  • Security and Risk Management — No matter the industry, reducing risks and improving security is essential for running any successful organisation. Through our Security and Risk Management courses, you’ll receive vital education for careers in security management, security analysis, private detective work, event security and security risk consultancy.
  • Government — Whether you already hold a position in the public sector and want to receive recognition of prior learning or are interested in taking up a local, state or federal government position, our courses will provide you with essential competencies to further your career in public service.
  • Work Health and Safety—Qualifications in reducing risk, injury, and harm in any workplace are valuable for the retail, education, construction, manufacturing, and warehouse sectors, as well as for office management roles. Gain cert 2, cert 3, cert 4, diploma, advanced, or diploma certifications or enrol in a graduate diploma higher education in this in-demand skillset from 3CIR.
  • Business — Whether you’re interested in starting your own small business or want to offer more value as an entrepreneur or industry leader, an online training course in business can help you get ahead. If you already have business experience, you may also be eligible to convert your expertise into RPL.
  • Human Resources and Quality Auditing — Protect and nurture the most important part of your organisation, its people, with a qualification in human resources. In these online courses with certificates, you’ll learn valuable tools to support staff, empowering them to produce their best work, increase staff satisfaction and boost productivity. Find the best people for the job and keep them engaged with the skills you’ll learn through this course.
  • Project Management — You may have a big idea, but how do you execute your vision? In this course, you’ll learn how to manage projects on both a macro and micro level, bringing your ideas to fruition efficiently and precisely. Project management has essential applications in IT, health, construction and small business management. From delivering on significant projects to meeting your long-term business goals, project management gives you the tools to succeed.
  • Marketing — A growing industry with massive potential for furthering your career, marketing courses enable you to find employment in several industries and give you the tools you need to promote and succeed within your business. Learn about the power of branding, logos, messaging and more. Find techniques to capture an audience and retain your customer base with practical skills and communication tools.
  • Face to face training — Operating out of our Brisbane training venue, 3CIR’s face to face courses offer practical certifications in first aid, construction industry certification, CPR aid and security operations. With many of our courses available outside business hours, you can balance work and other personal commitments while you further your education.

Veteran owned and operated

3CIR is proudly veteran owned and veteran operated, offering a range of online training courses and recognition of prior learning pathways for current and former military and emergency services personnel. We understand that entering the civilian job market can be a difficult task. That’s why our services courses offer quick, flexible ways for your service experience to be formally recognised, helping you transition into fulfilling work and a new career after service.

As part of our mission to serve those who serve, we offer a 25% discount for all former and current defence and emergency services personnel. Be recognised for your skills, experience and training, and chart a new path for a successful lifelong career.

Invest in your staff with online training courses in Australia

Whether you manage a team within a larger organisation or run your own small business, investing in your staff is crucial to any business’s success. 3CIR’s online training courses can help you improve your team’s skills and productivity while offering workers valuable training and professional development to improve staff retention and result in a happy, more cohesive team. Our courses are open to the public and provide flexible learning options to allow staff to upskill on a schedule that suits them.

Ready to start the next phase of your life?

No matter what your dream career looks like, 3CIR can help you achieve it. From rapid upskilling to help you bolster your resume to higher education courses that can assist you in changing careers and RPL to formalise the experience and tools you possess, 3CIR will help you identify your strengths, gain accreditation and become more attractive for promotions and job applications.

Want to stand out in a crowded field of competitors vying for the same job, impress your superiors for that upcoming promotion, or be ready to launch into a new career? 3CIR will help you quickly gain the qualifications to set yourself apart. Talk to us about how our RPL accreditation services and flexible online training courses can help you take the next step in your professional life.

3CIR — Future-proof your professional learning today.

With 3CIR, achieving your professional goals is quick, effortless, and effective. We’ll work with you to recognise the skills you already have and set you up for success with fast and flexible study options if you want to learn new ones.

Take the values and experience you already have — your courage, commitment, comradery, integrity and respect — and transform these values into nationally recognised accreditation that exhibits your strengths in job interviews, new career opportunities and on your resume.

If you’re ready to future-proof your skillset and work towards your long term goals, what are you waiting for? We have face-to-face and online training courses starting today.

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