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25% off RPL courses for all former/current Military, Emergency Services personnel and immediate family members!!

Recognition of Prior Learning

We will always give 25% off RPL courses for all current and ex Military, Emergency Services and First Responder personnel.

Simple 4 step RPL process


Complete and submit the FREE RPL assessment form along with as much evidence/documentation possible


The team conducts a FREE RPL assessment and advises what qualifications you can obtain via RPL, should the evidence provided meet the performance criteria


Advise what qualifications would you like to obtain and pay the required fees


Your certificates are awarded. Electronic copies sent to your email address and hard copies to your postal address

Simple, fast and efficient process from start to finish.

Simple, fast and efficient process from start to finish.

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cert III
cert IV
advanced diploma
graduate cert
graduate diploma




customer engagement

Customer Engagement

Government Investigations and Security

Government Investigations & Security



human resources and quality auditing

Human Resources and Quality Auditing

work health and safety

Work Health and Safety

leadership and management

Leadership and Management



security and risk management

Security & Risk Management

project management

Project Management

security courses

Security Courses

first aid/cpr

First Aid/CPR

Unique Opportunity to Get Recognition of Prior Learning Certifications

3cir.com provides you a unique opportunity to get RPL or Recognition of Prior Learning certifications easily. Such certifications hold additional importance for personnel who are serving members and veterans of the military and emergency services personnel. 3cir.com strives to facilitate learning in a way such that certifications are easier to achieve. 3cir.com also strives to help the family members of these personnel. ...

Some of the areas in which 3CIR attempts to provide certifications include RPL in emergency services, online courses on project management and other general topics on business management, certification courses on government security and work health and safety. Interestingly all these course and programs are conducted online so that the serving professionals can attempt to gain such certifications while on the job.

These certifications and online courses are majorly targeted towards the individuals involved in careers such that they can enhance their skill sets. An example of this would be the Emergency Services RPL. Emergency Services RPL is mainly designed and developed for the employees serving within the emergency services community. A course like RPL in Emergency Services helps students (attempting to earn certifications) understand the nitty gritty of the subjects and processes involved in such services and help them keep updated about the technologies at use. For more information about the course of RPL in Emergency Services, visit the page https://www.3cir.com/product-category/rpl/.

A diploma of security and risk management is another important certification for the professional working or associated with all the above professions. An important aspect which needs to be understood is that working professionals (whether in public or private) have an unsaid interest in understanding the securities market and the risks associated with the same. Understanding the security and risk management aspect of the market, an individual can not only help his or her investments, but the same understanding can become a good career option for people who are involved in professions like military and emergency services. A diploma of security and risk management would help individuals understand the nuances of the market better and use the understanding in proposing investments that would benefit not just the individuals but also the involved organisations and their clients. In the same way online courses on business management and project management would help the individuals gain the technical knowledge of the business organisations and how work is conducted within the organisations. Gain more understanding on diploma of security and risk management or online courses on business management and online course on project management.

While these are examples of generic courses, more specific courses such as certificate IV in work health and safety online and certificate IV in government security are customised courses for the individuals working in these specified domains. Therefore, courses like certificate IV in work health and safety online and certificate IV in government security can be offered to the employees and ex-employees of the concerned departments in order to enhance their technical knowledge about the subjects. Get more information on certificate IV in work health and safety online and certificate IV in government security.

After all, as Malcolm X mentioned, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Therefore, enhance your education and skill set by the customized certifications provided by 3cir.com. For more information, contact us at [email protected]
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Their professionalism and quick response, especially Mathew, keep it up, mate!


Could not speak more highly of 3CIR, Mathew Pitt, and his team is truly amazing. I started this process at other companies that were nothing but hard work. Once I spoke with Matt, and we go all the info in, the process seemed less. Do not go any further; this is the place to get your Military and Civilian qualifications RPL.


It was great discussing with Matt for my RPL options, and the process from start to finish was incredibly simple. Anyone else from Defence who is considering formalizing their skills and experience should speak to Matt and the team.


Highly recommended. Matthew Pitt was very helpful and willing to help at all times. They made the process seem effortless.  I had a shop around with a few other RPL groups, but 3CIR had the best prices. Thank you for your help guys!


3CIR is very easy to work with if you are looking at gaining RPL qualifications. Initial contact to issuing of Diplomas done in less than three weeks. Worth it.


I contacted 3Cir to see what I subjects qualify. I got 3 Diplomas. I want to thank Matt for everything, and it was a straightforward process. I highly recommend 3CIR to anyone. I had prices and very helpful.


Matt from 3CIR was fantastic. I got RPL for Diploma in Management and Training. It was so easy and really inexpensive.


Matt was exceptional, and the process with 3CIR was uncomplicated and straightforward. My Defence qualifications were able to be quickly mapped to the civil equivalents I was seeking. Certificates were issued very shortly thereafter. I encourage all those with the Defence experience to consider speaking with 3CIR about RPL.


Matt and 3CIR have been excellent to deal with. They have a great understanding of RPL in relation to ex-defense and emergency services. It is  a straightforward process and one that Matt has perfected. 3CIR is the go-to place for all your training needs.


The 3CIR team was amazing to do RPL with from my service record. Matt was always professional and approachable to his work, would highly recommend it.


These people are fantastic. Prompt responses. Matt was great, replying after hours, keeping me up to date with progress. Thanks for the hard work.


Great service. Great course. Thanks for all the help, Matt Pitt.


These guys are amazing - going above and beyond expectations, working out of hours to respond; making it very easy to achieve the best possible outcome. Big thanks to Matt Pitt who did all the hard work - legend!