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Do you want to hone your knowledge or upskill to open new career options? For individuals looking to advance from entry-level positions, Certificate III qualifications are the perfect choice. It will teach you to consolidate job-specific skills and further refine your understanding of the industry. This qualification will prepare you for skilled work and is a pathway for further learning.

If you have experience in your industry, you could already be eligible to receive a Certificate III qualification without study, begin our RPL process and find out now .

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What do I need to get started? Enrollment in any of our Certificate III courses does not require any formal prerequisite units. If you want to study online at 3CIR, you may need to complete a language literacy and numeracy quiz before starting a course, depending on your previous study experience. This is to ensure that you are capable of completing Cert III work. We aim to ensure that your qualification has the greatest possible outcome. As a result, a working knowledge of the English language is essential. This test takes about 30 minutes to complete and can be done in numerous sessions, so don't worry!

If you have finished previous studies and have proof of completion, such as a certificate II or another qualification, you do not have to complete this test. The previous qualification is evidence of your ability to undertake study and you will proceed to enrolment.

Recognition of Prior Learning allows you to complete Certificate III faster.

If you already have professional or volunteer experience in the industry in which you want to obtain a certificate III, you might be qualified for a Recognition of Prior Learning program (RPL). RPL examines your present knowledge and abilities and compares them to the learning objectives of all of our certifications. If they align, you can get a certificate in weeks rather than years, and for a lot less money. A certificate III is much easier to earn than many of our other certificate levels, so you might be able to get one with a little work experience.

It all relies on the type of proof you have and whether or not it fits the standards for a certificate III qualification. Evidence can be provided in a variety of ways, including your current résumé, current or previous job descriptions, performance assessments, licences, and so on. Reach out and contact us today if you'd want additional information on what evidence you could require. If not, you can fill out a FREE RPL ASSESSMENT FORM right now to see what you're already qualified for!

A Cert III course can be studied online.

You can enrol to study online for any of our Certificate or Diploma courses. One of the most significant advantages is the option to learn at your own pace. You'll be able to study around your personal and professional commitments and strike a balance that works for you. Please let us know if you require study facilities. Our nationwide network of partner organisations can assist you in finding a distraction-free learning environment. Furthermore, we at 3CIR believe that money should never be a barrier to learning, which is why we offer a variety of payment plans to help you break down the upfront costs of a Certificate III course into manageable repayments. Learn more about our various payment plans.

Certificate III Courses at 3CIR There are a variety of cert 3 courses available at 3CIR, depending on the career you choose to pursue. If you wish to start a business career, our BSB30120 Certificate III in Business can help you get started. You'll learn a variety of essential skills to help you gain confidence in the job. You'll not only increase your team-based communication and learn how to participate in substantiated workplace practises, but you'll also acquire critical thinking skills. You can investigate which aspects of the business world you are most interested in by taking elective units in this course.

If working for a corporation isn't for you, but you like the concept of running a business, a Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business - BSB30220 might be for you. This hands-on training will prepare you to launch your new business into the world and give you a comprehensive understanding of where to start. Learn how to write a business proposal and keep track of the company's finances. You'll also learn about the legal responsibilities that come with owning a new business and how to market your product or service. A Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business could be your ticket to a rewarding self-employed career!

The BSB30719 Certificate III in Work Health and Safety is another Cert III course we offer. You'll learn the fundamentals of WHS, beginning with awareness of the workplace safety measures and legislation in place to safeguard employees. You'll also improve your WHS communication and consultation skills, as well as learn how to recognise, prevent, and report possible facility emergencies. A Certificate III in Workplace Safety and Health is a wonderful place to start building your abilities.

BSB30719 Certificate III in Work Health and Safety

RPL - $675

Study online - $1312.50

BSB30120 Certificate III in Business

RPL - $675

Study online - $1312.50

BSB30220 Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business

RPL - $675

Study online - $1312.50

Frequently asked Services Certificate III questions

Why obtain a Certificate III?

If you are looking to progress from an entry-level position, then obtaining Certificate III is perfect for your needs. It will teach all about job-specific skills and help refine your understanding of industry standards which can be applied immediately upon graduation. Learn new skills to expand your professional capabilities to become more competitive in the recruitment process.

What Certificate III courses are on offer?

Certificate III in Business BSB30120

Certificate III in Work Health and Safety BSB30719

Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business BSB30220

What will I learn in a Certificate III course?

You can learn more about your career options and grow your industry knowledge. You will expand on the basics of what you already know, gain new skills for work and get an edge when applying for jobs. The capabilities you build through this qualification will help pave the way for further study options and career possibilities.

If you already have experience in your chosen field, you may already be eligible for a Certificate III qualification with little or no study through Recognition of Prior Learning. Take our Free RPL assessment and find out now.

What types of jobs can I do with a Certificate III qualification?

– Customer service advisor
– Data entry operator
– Clerical worker
– Payroll officer
– Office Clerk
– Work Health and Safety Assistant
– Work Health and Safety Committee Member
– Work Health and Safety Representative
– Owners and Managers of a micro business
– Independent Contractor