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All current and former Military and Emergency Services Personnel receive a 25% discount across all our qualifications. Thank you for your service, we appreciate the work you do.

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Proud Australian Defence Force Army veterans founded 3CIR. 3CIR emerged from a passion for assisting fellow servicemen and servicewomen in transitioning seamlessly from active duty to civilian life. Our unique heritage gives us an unparalleled insight into the challenges faced by our Military and Emergency Services Personnel.


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3CIR is the best in providing high quality and efficient RPL services to current and experienced defence and emergency services personnel.


Complete and submit the FREE RPL assessment form along with as much evidence/documentation possible


The team conducts a FREE RPL assessment and advises what qualifications you may be able to obtain via RPL, should the evidence provided meet the performance criteria


Advise what qualifications would you like to obtain and pay the required fees


Your qualification is awarded. Electronic copies are sent to your email address and hard copies to your postal address

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Military and emergency service personnel often find themselves in a complex situation when they complete or retire from their service. This is mainly because their years of experience on the field often do not count towards a traditional civilian job. The reason behind this is that many of their skills can’t be shown through any certifications or paperwork. This often puts highly experienced and skilled professionals at a disadvantage in the market.

As a result, many veterans struggle with integrating back into civilian life. However, that doesn’t have to be the case with RPL. Just because you don’t have traditional accolades such as degrees and certificates, it doesn’t mean you can’t work or build a career for yourself. That is where RPL comes to the rescue. You can get certified with RPL to kickstart and further your career. Let’s learn more below!

ADF qualifications

Our courses reflect many of the skills you obtain within the Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Fire, or Paramedic services, including Workplace Health and Safety, Leadership and Management, Security and Risk Management, and Project Management. Everyone’s experience in service is different, so we offer a FREE RPL Assessment to gauge what qualifications are unique to your experience. Start your journey today and have your skills nationally recognised.

What is RPL?

First things first, let’s begin by understanding what RPL is. RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning. It is a process that assesses your previous education and existing skills to determine whether you have what it takes to fulfil a certain job role. Getting an RPL certification bears several benefits for an employment seeker. This certification can help you land a job that pays well and allows you to kickstart a career. It is a great alternative to a degree or online course certification if you aren’t eligible or can’t afford to apply for those. RPL is an excellent option for military and emergency service professionals who require official certification of their professional skills. It allows you to gain credibility on paper, which improves your chances of starting or progressing your journey in a career that you wish to pursue. Instead of spending years and thousands of dollars on earning a university degree, RPL offers an excellent alternative.

Benefits of RPL for Military and Emergency Personnel

Now that you know what RPL is, let’s dive deeper into the benefits this certification offers for military and emergency services professionals. Keep reading below.

1. Save Time and Money
Compared to degrees and other online certification courses that cost thousands of dollars and leave you with a life-long debt, the RPL certification only costs a minor amount. RPL is not only beneficial for non-college graduates, but it can also make college graduates more employable. Degrees don’t always prepare you to fulfil a certain role in the professional world. As a military veteran, you likely don’t have enough time or resources to invest in a university degree that only gives you credibility on paper. Graduates often struggle to land their first job because they lack professional experience. Getting an RPL certification improves your chances of employability by proving the existence of certain skill sets that the employer is looking for. Enrolling in online courses or full-fledged degrees takes months and years until you can kickstart your career. On the other hand, RPL certification only takes a week at the nest. If you can prove that you have the right skill set and knowledge, you will be good to go.

2. Get a Fair Playing Field when Applying for Jobs
If you joined the military right after high school or early in your career, then you won’t have any experience to show in terms of civilian jobs and work. However, an RPL certification allows you to leverage your military experience to qualify for a variety of roles in the field of your choice. With an assessment of your skills during RPL certification, you open yourself up to various opportunities. The RPL certification makes you a stronger candidate for a variety of roles that you may be interested in. It helps level the playing field for candidates who might be disadvantaged otherwise.

3. Receive Qualifications for the Skills you Possess
As part of 3CIR’s RPL program, we conduct a free assessment and identify all the qualifications that you possess the skills for. This means that you won’t have to go through the trouble of figuring out what kind of work you could do because our assessments will provide you with various options to choose from. We also offer special discounts to military personnel for our certificate qualifications. After your assessment, we sign you up for short courses that lead to formal certifications. After completing the coursework requirements, you will get RPL certified. RPL certifications are accepted at all workplaces across Australia. They will open several employment doors for you in various industries.

4. Access to a Variety of Qualifications
RPL certifications are available for a variety of skills across several industries. You can enrol in a course you prefer based on your existing skills, experience, and interest. Several options are available for people with experience in military and emergency services. You can easily get certifications in any of the following skills:

• Security and Risk
• Leadership & Management
• Work health and safety
• Government
• Project Management

A person with experience in the military or emergency services can easily acquire all of the courses mentioned above. Visit our assessment centre for a free assessment of your skills, and our team will let you know which courses you can qualify for. Once you complete our short courses, you will receive your certification soon.

Final Thoughts

RPL is a great option for veterans and retired personnel from emergency services who want to start new careers with decent-paying jobs but don’t have the qualifications or experience. If you have any questions or feedback, please drop them in the comments below or contact our representatives. We have special discounts and offers for veterans that you can easily benefit from.

At 3CIR, we understand that variety and flexibility are the most important factors for those transitioning from military service. You can find RPL certification to match your passion and expertise regardless of your higher education level. That’s why we offer several levels of qualifications, including:

• Certificate II — For beginners looking to enter a new career field. If you have completed your service with the military, RPL qualification is perfect for industries where you might have some minor experience. But this is still great for those looking to change careers completely.
• Certificate III — If you’re seeking to move up and beyond an entry-level position or upskill for newer career opportunities, this is the right qualification and a great way to boost your resume. If you have prior experience in the industry, you might also be eligible for RPL qualification without further study.
• Certificate IV—A Certificate IV is ideal for those interested in being professionally qualified for management and supervisory positions. If you already have a Certificate III or sufficient experience in your desired field, you may be eligible to achieve this RPL qualification without any extra study.
• Diploma—This is an efficient gateway to higher education. Specialising in an area with a diploma will help make your resume look more professional. You will also gain the practical skills to move up in the workforce or enter university confidently. Completing this 12-18 month certification (unless you have sufficient experience to gain an RPL without further study) can provide credits towards a bachelor’s degree.
• Advanced diploma — Just below a bachelor’s degree, this qualification is for those looking to become professionally recognised skilled workers or those wishing to advance to higher education. Achieving this diploma is possible through our RPL process, which will signify to your employer your willingness to learn, grow, and move up in your industry. This will directly impact your CV, university application, and career salary.
• Graduate Diploma—This is the highest level of qualification we offer—above even a bachelor’s degree. This highly sought-after and recognised diploma will let your employer know that you are extremely qualified, skilled, and ready to move past leadership positions. You’ll be highly marketable in your desired profession.

5 Of The Best Military and Defence RPLs in Australia

• Business—If you’re looking to hone your business qualifications and get professional recognition for existing skills, then one of our RPL qualifications will be perfect for you. We offer Certificate II in Workplace Skills (BSB20120), Certificate IV in Business (BSB40120), and an Advanced Diploma of Business (BSB60120).

• Work Health and Safety —Numerous qualifications are relevant to Military RPL in Australia. If you have a passion for workplace health and safety. You can choose from a number of recognised qualifications, including a Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (BSB41419) or even an Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety (BSB60619).

• Cyber security and risk management — If you were involved militarily in the cyber security sector, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for a professional qualification with 3CIR. From a Certificate IV in Security Management (CPP40719) to an Advanced Diploma of Cyber Security (22445VIC).

• Leadership and management —We offer many business qualifications, from Certificate II in Workplace Skills (BSB20120), Certificate IV in Leadership and Management (BSB40520), Certificate IV in Human Resources (BSB40420), and Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership (B2B80320). If you are passionate about applying your existing skills to leadership and management, a relevant RPL qualification will go a long way.

As with all of our services, if you have any questions about how you can get started on getting your RPL qualification, check if you’re eligible for RPL qualification without further study or anything else; get in touch with us, and a professional member of your team will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! We’ve been operating for over 7 years and helping people get qualified through Online Study or RPL. 3CIR is an authorised third party of Asset College (RTO #31718), which makes us similar to a franchise. Because of this partnership, we only offer a selection of courses in our field of expertise.

OPTION 1 – Study Online

Study anywhere anytime. With just a computer and an internet connection, you can learn at a pace that suits you. Just work through the reading material, units and assessment activities whenever you are able.

OPTION 2 – Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

You can use your skills and current knowledge to gain a qualification through RPL. Depending on your level of experience, you may not require any additional study. RPL is best for those who have worked a number of years and do not have time to start a qualification from scratch.

OPTION 3 – Study Online at our Facilities

Complete the same course online at our training partner’s facilities using their resources and equipment for free! 3CIR or we’ll help you with any additional needs. Note: Subject to availability, bookings are essential

OPTION 4 – Study in Class

Depending on your course we may be able to arrange a face-to-face study option. Contact us today to find out more information.

If you already have work experience in a field similar to the qualification you would like, RPL is the faster and cheaper option.

however, if you are changing careers or studying a new subject with little previous experience, online study could be the best option. In either case, it’s worth conducting a free RPL assessment to see what you are already eligible for to potentially save time studying.

Made possible through the Australian Qualifications Framework, RPL is the process of having your previous experience converted to national qualifications. It saves time as you don’t have to study what you already know. With the right previous experience, you could receive a qualification in weeks, not months.

A qualification is a great way to verify your skills and knowledge. If you’re looking for a promotion or to switch roles in your industry, the right qualification can demonstrate to employers that you are committed to professional development!

Credit transfer is a great way to save money on your studies. If you’ve previously completed formal qualifications, for example at TAFE or another VET provider, then it’s possible that those units will count towards the same qualification as what we offer here – although not all courses allow this!

To have skills formally recognised, our assessors need to verify your experience. This can be done in a number of ways. The easiest is through documentation and evidence. Any previous position descriptions, performance appraisals etc can be used to for this, even photos of you doing your job can be of help. If no documentation is available, you may need to sit a short exam or complete a piece of assessment to verify your knowledge.

We’re veteran owned and operated and know firsthand what types skills the military and emergency services provide. Because of this we specialise in Army, Navy, Airforce, Police, Paramedic and Fire Fighter RPLs. We also offer a 25% discount to any current or former military or emergency services personnel.


Our experienced staff can help answer any questions you have about our qualifications or the RPL process.

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