What is RPL and Why is it Important?

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What is RPL and Why is it Important

What is RPL

RPL stands for the Recognition of Prior Learning. There is often a large gap between academia and practitioners. Many successful entrepreneurs and software developers have technical education but don’t go the formal education route. However, an RPL diploma bridges the gap between practitioners and academia, helping people with experience gain qualifications without study. RPL is a process that maps a person’s existing knowledge to skills gained through traditional study; those who meet all the required outcomes can receive a qualification without undergoing further education. This process is made possible through the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Importance of RPL

RPL certifications are a great way for those with experience in their field to move up the career ladder. They can turn this practical knowledge and skills into nationally recognised qualifications that will help them compete better against other workers, no matter what age group they belong to! The process is easier than ever because you don’t need years of studying; instead, it takes just weeks based on all your work abilities, including any relevant community or industry organisations where applicable. These programs also give people access to new sectors without having extensive study periods ahead, which helps keep healthy competition levels high between different generations.

The job market is highly competitive, and translating your skills into certificates gives you an edge over the other applicants and attracts potential employers. They also help your resume appear higher when search engines are used to shortlist applicants.

RPL certifications can also assure the employer that you are wise towards change and always ready to improve yourself instead of considering learning to be a one-time thing.

Benefits of RPL

Here are a few benefits to RPL that you need to know of:

  1. It assists and opens doors for non-traditional students who might not have been able to study further.
  2. RPL recognises that learning does not need to be specifically inside a classroom, and practical knowledge from the workplace is just as useful.
  3. It rewards the independent learning achieved by students.
  4. It doesn’t provide students with information that is repetitive and familiar to them.
  5. Encourages students who don’t have much time to receive a certification.
  6. Students can progress to other training programs and education that they could not do without a certification.
  7. Boosts student morale and self-esteem by rewarding them for their accomplishment as learners.
  8. It reminds students that learning is a lifelong process, and you can learn new things irrespective of your current job.

RPL Procedure

It’s a straightforward process to receive your RPL Certificate. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • The first step is to take the Free RPL Assessment. Please fill out the form and submit it along with documentation of your experience.
  • The team would peruse your documentation and assess if your experience meets the results of the available courses and competency units.
  • Based on the outcome of your assessment, you can choose which certification you would like and submit the required fee.
  • The final step is receiving your nationally recognised certificate. Soft copies are emailed, and hard copies are posted to your address. It’s that easy!

Get started today and be recognised for your experience; fill out our Free RPL Assessment today and get qualified!

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