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We understand the dedication, effort, and time that goes into every educational journey. Each 3CIR certificate represents not just the skills and knowledge acquired but the persistence and passion poured into every learning step. Our certificates are tokens of achievement, showcasing the mastery of specific skills tailored to set industry sectors.
However, in a world where authenticity is paramount, we are not immune to the occasional illicit attempts to replicate and misuse these symbols of achievement. In partnership with Asset College, we at 3CIR are deeply committed to upholding the integrity and value of the certificates we issue.

Upholding Integrity, Ensuring Authenticity

3CIR believes in the sanctity of authentic learning and achievements. We have embedded rigorous mechanisms to ensure that every certificate issued is a genuine testament to the skills, knowledge, and competencies attained by our students.

How to Verify?

To maintain the highest standards of authenticity and to give employers, partners, and stakeholders absolute confidence in the calibre of our graduates, we have created this streamlined process for verifying certificates issued by 3CIR’s partner company, Asset College. You can use the form on this page to confirm the authenticity of a 3CIR certificate issued by Asset College. If you can’t verify the certificate through this platform, our dedicated support team will help you. We want you to know that your concerns are our priority, and we are committed to resolving them quickly.

We Are Here to Assist

For immediate assistance or further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that the prestige of being a 3CIR graduate is upheld and protected.

Ready to Verify?

Ensuring the integrity of our certificates is a collaborative effort that safeguards the value of our educational standards and the esteemed reputation of our graduates. Be part of this noble initiative – confirm the authenticity of a 3CIR certificate today.
Thank you for being integral to our journey to uphold educational excellence, integrity, and authenticity. At 3CIR, we are more than an education provider; we are a community built on trust, excellence, and integrity.