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Join the frontlines of digital security in a sector where challenges and advancements unfold daily. Australia's cyber security realm is experiencing rapid growth, driven by the government's vision to be a global leader by 2030. This growth is underscored by over 76,000 cybercrimes reported last year, emphasizing the vital need for proficient cybersecurity experts.

Targeted Career Paths for Defence and Emergency Services

Roles like Security Analysts, Network Security Engineers, and Cyber Incident Responders are pivotal in cyber security. These positions are not just jobs but missions, offering the intellectual rigour and gratification of safeguarding our nation's digital frontiers.



Information Security Analyst


Cyber Security Analyst


Security Administrator


Security Adviser


Security Architect


Security Consultant


Security Engineer


Security Manager


Security Specialist


Security Technician

Typical salary

Rewarding Career Prospects in Cyber Security

Cyber security specialists enjoy rewarding careers with competitive salaries, mirroring their vital role. The ever-changing cyber threat landscape ensures a dynamic career path rich with opportunities for skill enhancement and professional growth. The industry's projected expansion to over $7 billion by 2027 in Australia signifies a steadfast demand for skilled professionals.


Cyber Security Training Tailored for Defence and Emergency Services at 3CIR

3CIR provides cutting-edge cybersecurity courses specifically curated for the current and emerging needs of the industry. Our training programs combine practical skills with deep theoretical insights, preparing you to navigate and lead in the cybersecurity landscape. With our flexible learning models, your education seamlessly integrates into your professional life.

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Step into a rewarding and high-impact career in cyber security. Enrol in 3CIR’s courses to develop the essential skills and knowledge for this fast-paced sector. Contact us for more details or to download our course guides. Our team is committed to guiding you to the courses that align with your career goals in defence and emergency services.

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