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Services Certificate II

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Frequently asked Courses questions

A Certificate II course is a great way to get started in your career. You’ll develop a basic understanding of your chosen field and be introduced to various topics relevant to your future profession. This foundational knowledge will help you expand your learnings and pave the way for future employment or study. You’ll be more confident starting a job with the background knowledge needed to excel.

Certificate II courses provide a great way to build on your knowledge and expand your skillset. You’ll learn basic industry concepts, skills, and terminology that will prepare you for routine work in any field.

– Administration assistant
– Clerical worker
– Data entry operator
– Information desk clerk
– Office junior
– Receptionist

Are you new to a particular field and looking to learn more? Look no further than our Certificate II courses!

Designed to introduce you to the principles of your field and provide you with introductory knowledge, our Certificate II qualifications are the perfect starting point for anyone beginning their career. And, if you already have experience in your industry, you may be eligible to fast-track your certification through Recognition of Prior Learning.

Don’t let a lack of knowledge hold you back. Start your career off on the right foot with our Certificate II courses. Find out more about how you can accelerate your career today!

Our Certificate II qualifications are available through the Recognition of Prior Learning. If you have experience in your industry, you may be eligible, find out now


What are some of the advantages of earning a Certificate II?

A certificate two-level qualification is intended to help you take your first steps into the workforce. While you won’t learn expert-level skills or knowledge, you will gain a better grasp of your chosen field and may be able to assist in acquiring an entry-level role for your field. A certificate II is also an excellent method to get a better understanding of how to study and prepare for more advanced qualifications.

Add value to your CV and build a solid foundation for further study. This qualification will indicate to the prospective employers of your commitment to upskilling and show your initiative in your professional life.

Workplaces are fast-paced environments with numerous moving elements and different types of people. Our Certificate II Online courses will assist you in becoming more familiar with organisational conventions, procedures, systems, and tools. This type of training is helpful for new workers who are trying to catch up to more experienced team members.

1. Increased engagement
Employee engagement refers to an employee’s sense of connection to their work and the organisation for which they work. A Certificate II in Workplace Abilities (BSB20120) can help your company prosper by improving your knowledge and basic skills. In the long run, demonstrating an interest in understanding other elements of your sector will help you succeed in your career. This is due to the importance of lifelong learning!

2. Productivity
Productivity is the quantity of work you can complete in a given amount of time. Higher productivity is advantageous in general since it signifies that you are finishing important tasks on time. Skills training with a Cert II qualification can increase productivity by helping you understand the larger picture within your organisation and the value of your role.

Developing knowledge and closing competency gaps can help you avoid problems that unfamiliar tools/processes can cause. As a result, this upskilling can improve your employee satisfaction and engagement. Our Cert II certificates cover all of these fundamental abilities.

3. Enhanced work quality
Similarly, enhancing your knowledge and skill sets may improve the quality of your performance. Our Cert II in Workplace Skills course is designed to educate you on how to perform specific duties in the workplace or how to do them better. With this knowledge, you may avoid making minor mistakes in the future and, as a result, improve the quality of your work.

5. Improved Communication
Communication is taught as a core subject to all employees in Cert II programs. This will assist you in collaborating effectively in order to increase your capacity to work within teams. With so many different people and cultures, communication becomes quite important. You can learn these essential skills and much more with a large range of elective units.

6. Self-assurance
Soft qualities you gain while studying for a Certificate II qualification through 3CIR include increased self-confidence and self-esteem, among other things. You can be confident in your capacity to accomplish your job tasks if you engage in this level of learning. Our Cert 2 courses will provide you with all of the tools you need to overcome hurdles and creatively handle issues. More confidence translates to improved work experience, which will benefit you in the long run. There are also the advantages of stress reduction. Increased confidence and assurance lead to lower stress levels.

With a Certificate II, you can enter the job market.

A Cert two can serve as an entry-level road to employment. That is why it is ideal for those who have not yet entered the workforce and are gaining the skills they will require. These individuals do a wide range of basic procedural, clerical, administrative, or operational tasks that need self-management and technology skills.

They do a variety of primarily routine tasks in a defined environment with limited practical skills and operational expertise. Individuals in these positions are typically supervised directly. As a result, a cert II provides an excellent opportunity to hone these abilities.

Entry Requirements:
Our certificate II courses require no particular prerequisites and are aimed at students without much work experience. The programs are developed in collaboration with industry experts to guarantee that learning outcomes are current and relevant in the job market.

A computer is required for several to complete this qualification. You must have your own device with Wi-Fi capabilities, such as a laptop, notebook, or tablet. If you don’t have access to a computer, one of our partner organisations may be able to help you study online. To learn more, please contact us. Using our online learning software, you complete the units in your own time at your own pace!

Benefits of getting qualified
You can have your skills recognised anywhere in Australia
Can verify to new or current employees of your skills
Can be used as a pathway to further qualifications or professional development
Certificate qualifications are issued through a well-known Registered Training Organisation -Asset College RTO #31718

With a Certificate II in Workplace Skills, you can work in a variety of jobs.
This qualification will essentially allow you to enter the job market and boost your employability. This certificate will teach you the skills you’ll need to succeed on the job. If you wish to enhance your professional talents and obtain real-world experience in the field, this comprehensive qualification will be a fantastic option for you.

Do you have the skills and knowledge needed for Certificate II in Workplace Skills? Through Recognition of Prior Learning, we will aid you in acquiring your national certification (RPL). RPL is a method of determining the credit benefits by examining your relevant prior learning (such as formal, informal, and non-professional learning). If your skills and knowledge match the learning outcomes of our course, you could be awarded a Cert II without any study. The process stops you from having to learn information that you already know and is much cheaper than online study. Get started now! FILL OUT OUR FREE RPL ASSESSMENT FORM.