Take the First Steps towards a Career Change by Completing the RPL Application Form

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RPL Application Form

RPL Application Form

Leaving the armed forces or emergency services can be challenging, primarily if you’re tasked with transitioning to a new career. Fortunately, in Australia and New Zealand, the military offers various courses to its employees to help them prepare for their future. But sometimes, said courses don’t go far enough to set somebody up for their preferred career. However, you don’t have to settle for something you don’t want if you earn some new qualifications, and obtaining such accreditations takes less time than you might think.

Thanks to prior learning (RPL) recognition, you can fast-track your way to gaining the qualifications you need to secure a decent job with progression opportunities and an attractive salary. You can earn credits based on your experience and job roles, meaning you don’t have to cover learning materials that explain things that you already know in-depth. Every employee in the Army, Navy, Air Force and emergency response services has transferable skills perfect for other roles. Because of that, you’re already on your way to becoming an attractive candidate in a new industry.

At 3CIR, we know that every person in our defence forces deserves to be valued and respected. We see no reason you should settle for a job you don’t want after retiring from the military or emergency services. Because of our commitment to helping veterans, we offer a 25% discount on all our courses for current serving and ex-service members. Thanks to our credit system, you can become qualified for a new career quickly and affordably. Please read below to learn more about the RPL application process and where to find our form.

Recognition of Prior Learning Explained

We know you’re already a skilled professional with many years of experience. Why waste time learning new things when your past can help make a difference? You might have heard about RPL’s FREE application process, which only takes minutes to complete and will allow us to analyze all aspects of work history to credit assignments accordingly – without any hassle! Just provide some basic information through this online form or send over whatever documents we ask for (like an official copy) via regular mail; then sit back while they process everything faster than ever thanks to their state-of-art invention: computers.”

We offer a wide range of courses covering areas such as leadership and management, business, customer engagement, and franchising. By finishing our courses, you can earn a formal qualification in your chosen subject. Whatever you wish to study, we have something for you, and it’s our mission to make the whole process go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Fill out Your RPL Form Today

There’s no need to feel restless and hopeless regarding your career opportunities when transitioning from the armed forces because you can quickly earn the qualifications you need to transition to a job that requires your skill set. Soon enough, you’ll adapt to the commercial working world, and your employer will feel lucky to have an ex-service person on their books. Contact us today for more information, or complete the RPL application to start the process.

Complete a FREE RPL assessment form to get started today! We can assist you if you are after Army RPL, Navy RPL, Air Force RPL, or emergency services RPL.

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