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Rpl courses australia

What course do you offer?

We offer a range of courses and qualifications.

-Leadership and management

-Security and risk management


-Work health and safety


-Human Resources and Quality Auditing

-Project Management


-Face to face training

What is the qualification level range you offer?

We have a wide range of qualifications to suit every student. From certificates II all the way up through graduate diplomas, we’re confident that you will find what you’re looking for!

RPL Certificate Courses Online

Are your courses nationally recognised?

Yes, all our qualifications are nationally recognised. Qualifications are issued by our partner company Asset College (RTO #31718), which is an accredited provider of vocational education and training courses. This means that our courses are recognised by employers and other educational institutions across Australia.

How to apply and enrol.

Two ways. If you want to apply for RPL, head to a course and select ‘Apply Now’. Fill out the RPL assessment form and you’re on your way.

To enrol in online study, click ‘enrol now’ on an eligible course. You’ll be asked to either fill out our enrolment form or complete a short literacy & numeracy quiz. Once completed you can fill out the enrolment form and start your study!