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Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning

The time it takes to earn your qualifications can be cut dramatically with the Recognition of Prior Learning. You may not have had an opportunity for formal study, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck needing years’ worth of work experience before being able to take these exams! Now, all those who put their skills into practice will receive certification much faster and cheaper than ever before- depending on what kind of industry knowledge they already possess and how documented proof is obtained from employers regarding relevant abilities while still working within the said field(s).

RPL is less expensive than typical education because you only pay for the evaluation of your documentation rather than the complete course. You don’t need to study what you already know, making it much more affordable!

The first step in the RPL process is to see our list of courses and fill out our Free RPL Assessment form. We will contact you once this is complete and ask a few questions about your career goals. This helps us tailor our assessment to find the right qualifications for you. You will then need to supply evidence of your experience. This can include but is not limited to:

  • References from current or former employers
  • References from current or former supervisors/managers
  • Performance appraisals (PARs) current or former positions
  • Performance development reviews (PDRs)
  • Current or former employment contracts
  • Current or former position descriptions
  • Any formal qualifications (Certificates, qualifications, diplomas, degrees)
  • Recent and up-to-date Resume / CV

Once received, we map your current skills with the learning outcomes of our qualifications and advise which qualifications you’ll be eligible for without additional study, alongside those that might require a little more evidence or additional learning.

Once you have selected your qualification, you pay the required fee, and that’s it! You are officially qualified. Hard copies are sent to your home; you can add your new certification to your resume.

RPL helps get a promotion with the following benefits:

Formal recognition of industry background and experience: In some cases, a participant’s abilities and experience in a connected workplace can be used to get a full qualification. For example, an administrator Officer has worked for a company for more than 20 years but has never completed any official education (apart from some short finance courses). Based on their industry knowledge and skills, individuals may be able to complete a full Diploma of Business BSB50120 via RPL. They may even be eligible for an Advanced Diploma of Business BSB60120, depending on the evidence they provide. They could take several Advance Diploma courses online to make up the difference if none is available. Either way, it’s much cheaper and quicker than obtaining an Advanced Diploma through study alone.

Shorter course completion times: Participants do not waste time repeating the same learning by recognising results already attained through work experience. Instead, they can accelerate their education by utilising their talents and understanding the sector. Returning to the previous section’s example, according to the Australian Qualifications Framework, a Certificate IV in Business obtained through formal studies normally takes 1 to 3 years to complete. The same qualification could be earned in days or weeks because RPL does not require participants to redo the learning process.

Find out what you are already qualified for with your experience today. Take our Free RPL Assessment and see your options!

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