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Why Choose 3CIR for Your RPL Journey?

Australian owned, Veteran-owned, veteran-operated, and deeply rooted in the ethos of Courage, Commitment, Comradery, Integrity, and Respect. At 3CIR, we don't just empathise; we've lived the journey. Our intimate understanding streamlines the RPL process, ensuring a swift, supportive transition for you.

Unlocking Doors, One Qualification at a Time

3CIR offers a golden opportunity: Convert your Army, Navy, and Air Force experience into nationally recognised qualifications. We know the value of your service and how to use it to enhance your resume and bolster your career prospects, both within and outside the Defence system.

Join Hundreds of Ex-Service Personnel Just Like You

We’ve worked alongside thousands of servicemen and women just like you. Our dedicated team have helped them seamlessly transition from military duties to civilian life by working closely with them to pinpoint their transferable skills, gain qualifications, and earn rewarding employment.

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Our Story

Courage, Commitment, Comradery, Integrity, and Respect – these aren't just buzzwords. They form our very name and ethos.

3CIR was birthed by veterans from the Australian Defence Force, fuelled by a singular vision: to pave smoother transitions for servicemen and women through education. Military and Emergency Services roles are a breed apart. And at 3CIR, we honour your service, offering tangible rewards for your unique skills and experiences.

25% Military Discount

We believe in giving back. Making the move from military to civilian life isn’t easy, so we make our services accessible, ensuring every veteran or serving personnel can benefit without worrying about costs.


The 3CIR Promise

Our mission doesn't end with issuing a qualification. We envision a future where every military and emergency service personnel in Australia feels acknowledged, appreciated, and equipped to tackle their civilian journey with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Current serving military personnel, veterans, and emergency service personnel are our primary focus, but our doors are open to everyone.

Thanks to our veteran-driven approach, we offer one of the fastest turnarounds in the industry. Exact timelines vary depending on the qualification and evidence provided.

A formal qualification translates your military experience into a format recognised and valued by civilian employers. It can be the key to unlocking career opportunities, promotions, and transitions into new sectors.

Think of Military RPL as your bridge to the civilian world. It transforms your hard-earned experience from the Army, Navy, and Air Force into nationally recognised qualifications that civilian employers will not just understand but truly value too.

In so many ways!

  • A seamless transition from Military Service to civilian roles
  • An enhancement to give your professional CV
  • An edge in clinching promotions within the ADF
  • Formal recognition and acknowledgement of your committed Defence service

Keen to get started? Kick things off with our free RPL assessment form

Preparing for the RPL assessment is straightforward with this definitive guide:

  • ADO Service records or PMKeys printouts
  • Comprehensive reports from any courses undertaken
  • Earned training certificates
  • Descriptions of past and current roles
  • PARs, SPARs, and PPRs, alongside reference letters and treasured testimonials
  • All formal qualifications, whether accredited or otherwise
  • Professional documents you’ve crafted, from policies to reports and more
  • Visual evidence, such as photos or videos, showcasing your expertise
  • Your up-to-date resume

Ready to Propel Your Civilian Career?

Don't let your invaluable military experience remain unacknowledged. Embrace the chance to: