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Frequently asked Courses questions

With this level of qualification, you’ll be able to operate at a paraprofessional level or above. A paraprofessional is someone who can complete a professional task though they’re not fully licensed. With our Advanced Diploma level courses, you’ll be able to use your specialised knowledge and demonstrate your professional competencies to further employers. Individuals with this level of qualification are generally searching for management or leadership roles within their organisation.

Our Advanced Diploma qualifications are only offered through Recognition of Prior Learning, therefore it’s less about what you learn and more about what you already know. We take your previous experience and map it to the learning outcomes of our courses to see what you’re already qualified for. Find out more with our Free RPL assessment.

Once you receive an Advanced Diploma, you will be able to more confidently apply for roles and be a more attractive candidate throughout the recruitment process.

– General Manager – Chief Executive Officer – Chief Operating Officer – Director – Project Director – Chief Operating Officer – Portfolio Manager – General manager of human resources – Head of school Registered Training Organisation – Director, workforce planning and development – Learning and development senior consultant – Manager, learning and change management – Manager, learning and development

Ready to excel in your career and increase your competencies? Consider an Advanced Diploma qualification. With specialised knowledge and high-level skills, you’ll become a highly skilled worker capable of managing projects and taking on paraprofessional work.

As a paraprofessional, you’ll be able to complete professional tasks without a full license, making you an invaluable asset to any team.

At 3CIR, we offer Advanced Diploma qualifications exclusively through the RPL process. If you have experience in your industry, you may be eligible for this certification. Don’t wait to find out – contact us now to learn more about how you can take your career to the next level with an Advanced Diploma qualification.

Our Advanced Diploma qualifications are only available through the RPL process. If you have experience in your industry you may be eligible, find out now


Sitting under a bachelor’s degree, an Advanced Diploma paves the way to further education and signifies your wiliness to obtain professional positions within your organisation and demonstrates your commitment to learning your craft. Obtaining an Advanced Diploma qualification will open doors of opportunities for you. You may immediately start your career and earn a higher salary compared to those without certification. Build your CV and stand out amongst competitors in your chosen field.

Benefits-Based Advanced Diploma RPL Career Advanced diploma credentials are becoming more sought after in the workplace due to increased demand in specific areas. Employers will appreciate the fact that you have mastered the fundamentals of your profession and are nearing the intermediate tier of educational competency. This can show companies that you are committed to your profession and want to develop further in your career. It can also help you create a specialisation within your sector by allowing you to expand into different niches in your industry.

Advanced Diploma as a Route to Further Education An Advanced Diploma Qualification falls just short of a Bachelor’s Degree in the Australian Qualifications Framework. This means that an Adv Dip from 3CIR can help you advance professionally while also kickstarting your education if you aren’t quite ready to start university courses. If you get your Advanced Diploma through RPL, you may be able to secure quicker admission to a university and save time on your next qualification because some of the courses may overlap. Before committing, speak with a university to see whether they will award you this credit.

How does Advanced Diploma RPLs work? While many Certificate and Diploma level degrees can be completed online or through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), our Advanced Diploma qualifications are only available through RPL. As a result, in order to acquire an Adv Diploma through 3CIR, you must have adequate experience in your chosen field.

An Advanced Diploma in Business (BSB60120), an Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB60420), an Advanced Diploma in Work Health and Safety (BSB60619), an Advanced Diploma of Marketing (BSB60520), an Advanced Diploma of Cyber Security (22445VIC), an Advanced Diploma of Management (BSB60720), and an Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management are just a few of the Advanced Diploma qualifications available (BSB60320).

With so many options to pick from, if you’ve worked long enough, some of these requirements may overlap with your previous experience.

The Advanced Diploma RPL Process Recognition of Prior Learning is available for all of our qualifications! RPL connects your prior experience (whether professional or volunteer) to the learning outcomes of any of our credentials. As previously stated, an Advanced Diploma usually requires a significant amount of professional experience. The RPL evaluation is free, and you can view whatever level of qualification you’re already eligible for, from certificate II to graduate diploma, if you get your qualification through 3CIR. Here’s how you do it: Choose your Advanced Diploma and complete an assessment form: While our RPL exam will evaluate any qualifications you can earn based on your work experience, having an idea of what you want to do with your qualification can help. Do you want to advance your career or move industries to try something new? The process will be streamlined with all information. Fill out your contact information and any industry experience you have on the form. Upload an updated CV if you have one to give us a better picture of what options will be available to you.

Show proof of your experience. While a CV is a fantastic place to start, we’ll require proof of your previous experience in the form of previous position descriptions, performance reviews, pictures or videos of you doing the task, and reports or papers you’ve written before we can begin our assessment. Any proof will help you create a stronger argument for your application. More is always better! Also, the sooner you give this information, the sooner you can move on to the next phase.

Organising your knowledge We need to see if your experience meets all of the learning outcomes of your chosen certification for your Advanced Diploma qualification. As a result, your RPL Advanced Diploma is equivalent to one earned via study. If we can use your proof to show that you have the same degree of industry-specific knowledge, you’ll be able to acquire that certificate without having to study at all! If you don’t fulfil all of the requirements, don’t panic; you can make up the difference by taking a few extra units of study.

RPL allows you to pay your tuition and earn an Advanced Diploma. You’ll be able to see all of the qualifications you’re eligible for based on your current level of expertise after the mapping is complete. Simply choose which ones you want and pay the appropriate fee… that’s it! You’re nationally qualified. Hard copies are mailed to your address, and you can now use your new Advanced Diploma to apply for jobs.

So what are you waiting for? Get started and fill out a FREE RPL ASSESSMENT TODAY.

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