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Military and Defence RPL

Defence Force Rpl

Military and Defence RPL

RPL is an acronym that stands for ‘Recognition of Prior Learning. RPL is a procedure that allows you to turn your existing experience, abilities, and knowledge into civilian qualifications that any employer can understand and appreciate.

The military is a great way to get qualifications that are often overlooked by traditional education systems. The service members who enrol in RPL have had plenty of experience and training, so it’s no surprise they qualified through those paths instead!

RPL translates your military expertise into credentials that civilian employers can understand and value. However, you must ensure that the qualifications on your resume are most important to employers. We’ve been assisting military personnel with transitions for many years, so we know how valuable your experience is and what businesses are looking for.

The top four qualifications assisting our Defence RPL customers in establishing employment in the private, government, mining, and training sectors are listed below.

Diploma of Leadership and Management: Employers can see that you have business abilities if you hold a Diploma in Leadership and Management. You may combine two critical management characteristics: successful teamwork and effective leadership.

Diploma of Work Health and Safety: Workplace health and safety (WHS) is a critical factor in today’s workplaces, and it demonstrates to employers that you have technical knowledge.

Diploma of Security Risk Management: The Diploma in Security Risk Management is the highest qualification in this field, providing companies with proof of professional capabilities. With this one under your belt, you’re good to go.

Certificate IV in Government Security: Certificate IV in Government Security is another specialty skill qualification. It’s an excellent qualification for entry-level government or public sector jobs. (Remember that you might have the skills to justify a Diploma award.)

The Benefits of Defence RPL:

Roles in the army or other military roles provide excellent skills development opportunities. Positions in the military are physically and mentally demanding. They necessitate extensive training and, as a result, frequently result in the acquisition of valuable skills, information, and experience. Enlisting in the military, unlike academia, does not result in an educational certificate.

At 3CIR, we believe that the skills gained by personnel while serving in the military should be valued more. As a result, we’ve concentrated much of our efforts on creating appealing military RPL programs. Our organisation is owned and operated by veterans of the NZDF and ADF who have first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to transition to civilian life.

Our RPL programs can help you earn nationally recognised credentials for your skills and knowledge. Depending on your military career, you may be well-equipped to pursue practically any course in our catalogue. RPL courses are less expensive than our comprehensive online training courses because RPL candidates start with a robust foundation of knowledge.

To make our courses more appealing to military personnel, we offer a 25% discount on any RPL course to all Defence Force and Emergency Services employees. We encourage anyone seeking RPL opportunities in the defence sector to contact us.

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