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Education is the passport to success! A Diploma level qualification will provide greater opportunities for career advancement. Obtaining one could open new doors to professions that would otherwise be difficult to enter without previous experience. Diploma level certifications are a great way to learn key skills within your chosen field and build the foundation of your new career.

You’ll develop foundational skills and knowledge in your chosen field and explore how the industry works as a whole. You’ll also acquire practical knowledge that you can use to gain an entry-level position to advance your career.

If you already have previous work or voluntary experience, you can take our Free Recognition of Prior Learning Assessment to see if you’re already able to obtain your qualification without any additional study. Fill out our form and get started.

– Work Health and Safety Manager
– Work Health and Safety Practitioner
– Senior Work Health and Safety Officer
– Project Leader
– Project Management Facilitator
– Project or Program Administrator
– Office Manager
– Legal Practice Manager
– Information Services Manager
– Operations Manager
– Business Development Manager
– Corporate Services Manager
– Public Sector Manager
– Transport Manager
– Executive officer
– Program coordinator
– Corporate services manager
– Business development manager
– Project Coordinator
– Business sales team leader
– Human Resources Advisor
– Human Resources and Change Manager
– Human Resources Consultant
– Human Resources Manager
– Senior Human Resources Officer
– Marketing Manager
– Marketing Team Leader
– Product Manager
– Public Relations Manager
– Sales Manager
– Quality Assurance Manager
– Quality Facilitator
– Quality and Improvement Consultant
– Service Quality System Support Analyst
– Internal Auditor
– Protective Services Manager
– Supervisor/Manager
– Government Security Manager
– Security and Risk/WHS Manager
– Police Officer/Emergency Services
– Security Operations Manager
– Security Trainer
– Security and Risk Adviser
– Security Consultant
– Compliance Manager
– Fraud Prevention Supervisor
– Investigation Team Leader
– Investigation Manager
– Fraud Investigation Manager

Looking to expand your knowledge and improve your problem-solving, decision-making, and technical skills in your field of specialisation? A Diploma qualification is just what you need to achieve your goals.

By obtaining a Diploma, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of your subject, paving the way for career progression or ongoing study. And the best part? If you have experience in your industry, you could already be eligible to receive a Diploma qualification without study!

Our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process is designed to help you obtain your Diploma quickly and easily. So why wait? Take the first step towards your career advancement and FIND OUT NOW if you’re eligible for a Diploma qualification through our RPL process.

If you have experience in your industry, you could already be eligible to receive a Diploma qualification without study, begin our RPL process and find out now


Blending vocational and theoretical knowledge, a diploma with a full-time study load can take approximately 12 -18 months to complete (depending on your previous experience and RPL). Upon completion, a diploma can provide credits towards a bachelor’s degree if you’re seeking further education.

Expanding your knowledge to a diploma level will help boost your credentials and give you the skills to become more confident in your profession. With this qualification you’ll be able to undertake advanced skilled work, preparing you to become a paraprofessional (someone who can complete a professional task, but who isn’t fully licensed). All our diploma level qualifications can be completed online and at your own pace, so you can easily blend study and work to advance in your career.

The greatest RPL diploma courses are available online for you.

Improve your confidence and a achieve a high standard of qualification through Diploma level courses at 3CIR. With this qualification, you’ll be able to perform advanced skilled work and be prepared to undertake paraprofessional work (someone who can perform professional duties but isn’t fully licensed).

All of our diploma programs are studied online for your convenience. You can study anywhere, any place and fit your learning around your schedule. If however you already have experience in your profession, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) may be for you. It allows you to get formal qualifications without having to complete all of the needed courses, which can help you plan and advance your career.

If you don’t have a qualification already, but have plenty of experience, then an RPL assessment should be at the top of your list. Take a look at the top benefits of a Diploma RPL path and how it will help you advance in your profession.

What is RPL for a Diploma Qualification?

A Diploma RPL is an examination of an individual’s relevant prior learning (both formal and non-formal) to decide what Diploma level certificate you’re already qualified for without having to undergo traditional study.

Many people are unaware of how an RPL assessment might help them fast-track your way to a recognised qualification without having to take a course. It’s all made possible through the Australian Qualifications Framework who believes that on the job experience is just as conducive to learning as traditional study. To put it another way, a Diploma RPL is all about mapping the skills and knowledge you’ve obtained from your work and life experiences to the learning outcomes of our courses. Ultimately, you’ll save time and money through a Diploma RPL.

An employee who, rather than studying the unit of competency, has worked as a coffee shop barista for three years is an excellent example. Their operation of the register, interaction with the customers and working as part of a team can all contribute to obtaining a Diploma of Business. This all depends on their level of skills and experience.

What is the difference between earning a Diploma through RPL and completing traditional studies?

A Diploma Qualification Online is for individuals who are new to the trade and want to learn the ropes from the ground up, whilst a Diploma RPL is for those who have already gained experience. A Diploma in Business achieved through Online study typically takes 1–3 years, according to the Australian Qualifications Framework. The identical qualification via RPL could be completed in a matter of weeks, depending on your level of expertise and the evidence collection method.

You won’t need to repeat training
One of the best things about a Diploma RPL is the savings in both time and cost. It eliminates the need for you to attend courses or train in areas where you already have experience. As part of the RPL process, you must submit evidence to verify your skills and expertise. 3CIR will then compare your experience to the course units in the qualification you’re pursuing. This can take the form of a CV, job descriptions, performance appraisals etc.

Increase your career prospects
Once you’ve received your Diploma, your job prospects will surely improve. While a qualification will not guarantee you a job, it will enhance your options and give you the confidence to apply for a larger range of jobs. Diploma RPLs make it easier to get your abilities recognised, so you can spend less time learning and more time networking and looking for work. Earn more money.

There are several factors that influence your career selection, but one of the most important is money. A Diploma RPL may be able to help you gain the qualifications you need if you want to change careers or find a better paying job. While experience and ability are important in acquiring high-paying jobs, formal qualifications boost your potential!

Improves your CV
There is plenty of competition when looking for work, so anything you can do to stand out of the crowd helps. While you may have plenty of Diploma level skills, if you don’t have the qualification listed on your CV, your employer cannot verify your expertise. A Diploma RPL eliminates this issue and saves you time in the process.

To gain entry into a higher level qualification
A Diploma RPL can help you progress in your studies and potentially save time if you’re looking to pursue a bachelor level qualification. This is become some of the learning outcomes may match initial courses of the bachelor’s program. If you have already completed then, you could receive course credits and ultimately save you time. Alternatively, it could also help you gain admission into further study as diploma level prerequisites are met.

You can still work whilst earning your qualification

If you’re earning a qualification with the hopes of gaining a raise, you probably can’t afford to take time off work to study. You’re not alone; in fact, the majority of Australians are in the same boat as you! RPL, fortunately, allows you to obtain a Diploma even while you’re at work.

What is the procedure for obtaining an online diploma?

Consider our Online study option if you have no prior experience but yet want to earn a diploma. Our Diploma courses have no requirements, so you can begin whenever you’re ready. A literacy and numeracy test may be part of the enrolment process to determine your capacity to study. If you have previously studied, please inform us; this will serve as evidence of your ability to study, and you will not be required to complete the quiz.

A Diploma through online study is simple once you’ve registered. Without having to worry about meeting strict deadlines, you can study at your own pace. Work, learn, and strike a balance that works for you. We also understand that not everyone can afford the financial costs of earning a Diploma online. That’s why we provide a variety of payment options to help you spread out the upfront cost. It’s a much more straightforward method to advance without breaking the bank. Contact us to arrange.

Steps in A Diploma RPL process
Fill out our Free RPL Assessment form after selecting a course:

Look over our list of qualifications to get a sense of what certifications you might like to pursue. Are you looking for a promotion or a career change? Once you’ve decided on a few courses, go to our Free RPL Assessment form and fill out your information. A member of our team will email you within 48 hours to invite you to the next step. Upload your most recent CV to the form if you’re looking to streamline the process.

Evidence gathering:
During this step, we work with you to gather as much evidence as possible, such as videos of completed projects, photos, reference letters, work samples, a current résumé, certificates, transcripts, foreign qualifications, and any other learning experiences. This is your chance to demonstrate your abilities. The old phrase, “The more the merrier!” is something we continuously remind our RPL customers of. The steps below are commonly included in the evidence gathering process:

Skills Mapping
A Diploma RPL assessor will map your skills and abilities to the learning outcomes of all of our Diploma certificates once we know about your experience. You’ll be able to get the certification through RPL if there are enough matches. No worries if you fall short! Some courses are simple to enrol in and study online. It will take a lot less time than completing an online diploma from the beginning!

Skills Mapping
Pay your fee and get your Diploma!
We demonstrate all of the qualifications that can be obtained using RPL. We will issue your Nationally Recognised Qualification after you pay the appropriate cost. So what are you waiting for? START NOW