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Military and Emergency Services Work Health and Safety Careers and Insights
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Work Health and Safety Careers and Insights

Welcome to 3CIR, your partner in making the transition from military or emergency services into an exciting civilian career in Work Health and Safety (WHS). Recognising your unique skill set from service, this page has been tailored to provide insight, career pathways, and reasons why WHS would make for an easy yet impactful change of career path.

Why Work Health and Safety for Service Personnel?

A growing need: Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals an increasing demand for WHS professionals with experience working in structured, high-stakes environments - something typical for military and emergency services backgrounds.

Mission-Driven Career: WHS roles are driven by protecting lives. You will play an essential part in assuring the safety and well-being of workforce communities.

Rewarding Compensation: Due to their essential nature, WHS professionals often enjoy salaries above the national average according to government reports - making the transition financially viable and offering rewarding career prospects.

Careers in Workplace Health & Safety for Service Members

In WHS, your disciplined and tactical approach is appreciated and there are various career roles available that fit this description. Examples:

WHS Officer

Step up your operational discipline on workplace safety!

WHS Advisor

Leveraging your strategic skills to raise safety standards across organizations.

Risk Assessor

Apply your experience honed in the military to civilian workplaces as an assessor of risks.

WHS Trainer

Leverage your teaching experience to inform teams on safety protocols.

Safety Auditor

With extensive service background experience and impeccable attention to detail, safety auditors ensure compliance and security by auditing services with care.


Work Health and Safety Manager


Work Health and Safety Officer


Health and Safety Adviser


Health and Safety Coordinator


Health and Safety Manager


Health and Safety Officer


Health Safety and Environment Adviser


Occupational Health and Safety Adviser

Typical salary

At 3CIR, our Service Member course offerings combine existing abilities with essential WHS knowledge:

Diploma in Work Health and Safety

Designed specifically to assist those transitioning from military service into civilian WHS careers.

Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety for Service Members

Intended to equip service members seeking strategic leadership roles in WHS.

Advantages of Selecting 3CIR for Service Veterans

Our faculty includes professionals with military and emergency service backgrounds.

Adaptive Learning

Our online courses respect your time and schedule to offer an optimal learning experience.

Cutting-Edge Resources

Access the latest case studies and research material relevant to your background.

Unwavering Support

From enrolment to graduation, we understand and support the unique needs of military veterans.

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Key Stats for Service Members in WHS

Over 85% of WHS professionals from military backgrounds report high job satisfaction levels in their roles as WHS specialists.

Within five years, WHS job opportunities are expected to experience an anticipated 15% surge.

More than 70% of WHS professionals in management positions have undertaken advanced education similar to what 3CIR offers.


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