Workers within the public sector are vital to the continuation and protection of our daily lives. Government security professionals possess specialised skills and knowledge to maintain order and prevent risk.

Do you work in Federal, State or Local government? Irrespective of the kind of organisation you are associated with and it’s area of focus, our courses can provide relevant experience and practical competencies to enhance your career.

If you have experience in Government Investigations or Security, you could already be eligible to receive a qualification without study, begin our RPL process and FIND OUT NOW

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Qualifications in Government Investigations and Security can help begin or advance your career within security departments, border force agencies, police administration, corrective services or government employee vetting roles.

Coordinate protective security, handle sensitive information or plan and initiate investigations, these are some of the skills you can obtain through our qualifications.

You will also be acquainted with the process of planning, conducting and supervising investigations into non-compliance with statutory obligations by individuals and organisations.

Learn the values, intricacies and legislative requirements unique to the public sector and contribute to the protection of our country.

Designed by expert professionals, our courses can help you achieve your career goals. Enrol today and get qualified!