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Looking for a well-paying job without a college degree can be difficult. However, college degrees are also not cheap, and not everyone can afford to put in the time and resources. There are also other reasons that people are unable to get a university education, such as unexpected migration to a new country, life-altering accidents and injuries, and familial and societal constraints.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t work, make a decent living, and build a career for yourself. That is when RPL comes to the rescue. You can get certified with RPL to kickstart and further your career. Let’s learn more below!

What is RPL?

First things first, let’s begin by understanding what RPL is. RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning. It is a process that assesses your previous education and existing skills to determine whether you have what it takes to fulfill a certain job role.

Getting an RPL certification bears several benefits for an employment seeker. This certification can help you land a job that pays well and allows you to kickstart a career. It is a great alternative to a degree or online course certification if you aren’t eligible or can’t afford to apply for those.

Benefits of RPL

Now that you know what RPL is; let’s dive deeper into the benefits this certification offers for your career.

1.      It Saves Time and Money

Enrolling in online courses or full-fledged degrees takes months and years until you can kickstart your career. On the other hand, RPL certification only takes a week at the nest. If you can prove that you have the right skill set and knowledge, you will be good to go.

Compared to degrees and other online certification courses that cost thousands of dollars, and leave you with a life-long debt, the RPL certification only costs a minor amount. RPL is not only beneficial for non-college graduates, but it can also make college graduates more employable. Degrees don’t always prepare you to fulfil a certain role in the professional world.

Graduates often struggle to land their first job as they don’t have much professional experience. Getting an RPL certification to improve your chances of employability by proving the existence of certain skillsets that the employer is looking for.

2.      Level Playing Field for Everyone

If you have immigrated from another country with no local qualifications, or you want to make a career switch with no prior experience or degree in the field of your interest, or if you want to start your career from scratch, an RPL certification can support you in all.

With an assessment of your skills, you open yourself up to a variety of opportunities. The RPL certification makes you a stronger candidate for a variety of roles that you may be interested in. It helps level the playing field for candidates who might be at a disadvantage otherwise.

Final Thoughts

RPL is a great option for people who want to start their career with decent-paying jobs but don’t have the qualifications or experience. If you have any questions or feedback, please drop them in the comment below!

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