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Services Project Management Courses

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The right project management skills can make you more successful in your career. Not only is it a necessary tool for any professional, but by studying this field you’ll develop a better understanding of how things get done. From project timelines to managing budgets, you’ll oversee the whole process and deliver results!

Whether you’re new to the field of project management or have plenty of experience in it–we can help grow your skills.

Our Project Management qualifications:

Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Management BSB80220
Advanced Diploma of Program Management BSB60720
Diploma of Project Management BSB50820
Certificate IV in Project Management Practice BSB40920

Our project management qualifications are equipped with the essential tools needed to navigate complex projects successfully from start to finish. You’ll learn how to prioritise needs, procure resources, develop cost schedules, assess risks and communicate effectly with the interdisciplinary team. If your goal is building on existing knowledge or just starting out fresh then this program has everything necessary.

Have you ever wanted to expand your knowledge of project management? If so, then consider having it converted into a qualification through Recognition ff Prior Learning. Find out more about our FREE RPL assessment!

A Project manager means you are capable of making a wide range of projects come to life with your skills. Whether it’s construction or information technology industry – you will be able take any idea from concept to reality. Some roles that might suit you include: Project Coordinator, Project lead, Project Support Officer or Project Administrator.

Get your project management career off the ground with one of our courses. Whether you’re looking to pursue a Certificate IV or Diploma, we have everything that’s required! Learn all about strategies and techniques in order for success at any level – contact us today if there is anything else I can help out with.

Project management is an industry that’s ever-changing and new trends emerge every year. As we move forward, there are a few key themes to keep your eye on in this constantly evolving space: AI & automation streamlining project goals; digitalisation transforming everything from business practices to how people interact with each other remotely or face-to face while working across different time zones and the interpretation of data to make big decisions. There’s plenty to get excited about in the Project Management Space!

Unlock your potential as a master of project management! Our courses provide you with the tools to make your vision a reality. From small-scale initiatives to large-scale operations, we help you coordinate and execute your plans flawlessly. Our qualifications empower you to excel in every process stage, from initial preparation to final execution. Already have project management experience? You may be able to receive a qualification without an additional study through our RPL process. Don’t wait – take the first step towards realising your potential now!

If you have Project Management experience, you could already be eligible to receive a qualification without study, begin our RPL process and FIND OUT NOW


Across industry, position or job description, our project management qualifications can improve the way you complete tasks and manage the day-to-day to achieve long-term goals. Whether you’re in IT, construction, small-business or health, there is something to gain from adopting Project Management practices. Our courses will help you develop key skills and knowledge to apply to your workplace. Ensure deadlines are met and learn how to manage multiple competing priorities throughout a project. Organise and communicate effectively with your team and design timelines to reach your objectives at every stage.

Work within budget requirements, collaborate with cross-functional teams, facilitate meetings, assess risks and learn how to manage your human resources effectively. Certificate and Diploma level qualifications are available for you to start or advance in this field. Our courses are designed to the requirements of the real world and prepare each student for a hands-on learning experience to become competent Project Management professionals.