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Military and Emergency Services – Business Management Careers and Insights
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Business Management Careers and Insights

Welcome to 3CIR, where we help ensure a successful transition from military and emergency services roles into civilian employment. Are you considering a career change post-service? Consider business management! Immerse yourself in its vast opportunities, current trends, and potential within its field for dedicated servicemen and women like yourself.

Why Transition Into Business Management?

Diverse Prospects: Put the leadership, discipline and organisational skills you've developed into service of diverse purposes - from small business operations to global corporate leadership roles - they are transferrable and highly sought after. Economic Contribution: According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, businesses play a pivotal role in contributing to national economic performance. Transitioning into this sector allows you to continue serving the nation by contributing to its economic development. Military and emergency service skills and experiences are highly relevant and can fill a growing demand for resilient and adaptable managers in business settings

Economic Impact

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, businesses played a pivotal role in Australia's economic performance, contributing substantially to the nation's GDP. By becoming a part of this ecosystem, you're not only ensuring a fulfilling career but also contributing to the nation's growth.

High Demand

The demand for skilled business managers and leaders is ever-increasing. As organisations grow and industries evolve, there's a constant need for professionals who can steer them towards success.


Management Accountant


Management Administrator


Management Adviser


Management Analyst


Management Assistant


Management Associate


Management Consultant


Management Coordinator

Typical salary

Career Paths in Business Management

Operational Manager

Operations Manager: Utilise your experience in logistics and operations to ensure smooth functioning within departments or companies.

Business Consultant

Strategist: Leverage your strategic planning and critical thinking expertise to offer companies actionable insights.

Financial Manager

Financial Manager: Adept at managing finances, budgeting and investing strategies with an eye for detail and budget management skills, you will oversee financial operations, reporting, and investment strategies for optimal success.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager: Use your communication skills to lead marketing campaigns and strategies.

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager: With your experience in team leadership and welfare, your talents could be put towards recruitment, training and staff management.

Your job opportunities continue! From sales managers to risk analysts, positions for individuals with your background are ready and waiting.

What's the Earning Potential?

Based on data from the Australian Government's Job Outlook:

What's the Earning Potential?
Future Trends in Business Management

Future Trends in Business Management

Digital Prowess

Technological advancements are transforming businesses, and your adaptability could make you a key figure in this digital revolution.

Sustainable Practices

Just as you have played an essential part in safeguarding our nation, businesses today prioritise sustainable practices to preserve the planet for future generations.

Distributed Teams

Your experience managing distributed and diverse teams can be an asset in an increasingly remote work structure world.


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Why Should You Select 3CIR for Your Transition?

Customised Course Content

Our courses, designed with input from industry leaders, are customized to match the unique skills and experiences of each participant.

Adaptable Learning

Shift at your own pace using online and offline resources tailored specifically for you and your lifestyle.

Supportive Collaboration

Our team values your service and is here to guide and assist in this new chapter of life.

Step Ahead in Your Business Career with 3CIR

Your dedication and service have forged you; now, let's create your future in business management! Explore our courses and begin an enriching civilian career journey together at 3CIR.

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