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Leadership and Management for Military and Emergency Services Personnel.

Leadership and management skills are indispensable in the highly structured environments of military and emergency services, where leaders motivate followers and strategize while managers oversee efficient implementation. Such expertise is also highly valued among civilian professionals and could set you apart.

Stats to Consider

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicates a steady annual growth rate of approximately 2% among managers over the last five years, reflecting their high demand.

Projections by Australia's Department of Jobs and Small Business project a significant surge in managerial roles within public administration - an area in which military and emergency service experience is invaluable.

Given that managerial roles typically provide higher average weekly pay than most jobs, transitioning to civilian leadership or management positions may prove financially lucrative.

Benefits of Transitioning to a Civilian Leadership and Management Career

Diverse Opportunities

Leverage your unique skills across sectors like public administration and defence contracting.

Personal Development

Develop strategic thinking skills like decision-making and resilience for personal success.


Connect with professionals who respect your disciplined background and leadership experience.

Financial Reward

Take on roles with attractive compensation packages.

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Why Pursue Leadership and Management with 3CIR?

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Our industry-specific training ensures you remain competitive in the civilian job market.

Flexible Learning

Our online modules enable flexible study at your own pace, accommodating busy schedules and commitments.

Veteran-Focused Faculties

Turn to instructors who understand your transition from military service to civilian life and can relate to your unique experiences.

Affordable Courses

At 3CIR we believe in providing high-quality education without financial strain, so all courses offered here are competitively priced to support military personnel and veterans.

Career Outcomes

Completing a Leadership and Management course through 3CIR can open doors to roles such as:

Crisis Management Coordinator, Emergency Services Director, Operations Manager, Strategic Planner, Project Manager - find one suitable to your background! And more besides!


Management Accountant


Management Administrator


Management Adviser


Management Analyst


Management Assistant


Management Associate


Management Consultant


Management Coordinator

Typical salary


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