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Services Security & Risk Management Courses
HomeCoursesServices Security & Risk Management Courses

Services Security & Risk Management Courses

HomeCoursesServices Security & Risk Management Courses
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Frequently asked Courses questions

Security risk management is a process of identifying, assessing and mitigating security risks. These can come from natural disasters like earthquakes, human errors such as employees improperly accessing information or system failures caused by hackers who take advantage of IT vulnerabilities. Risk assessment helps organisations understand the nature/type(s)of threats against them so that mitigation strategies might be developed which will reduce the likelihood & impact if any incident does occur.

Whether you’re new to the field or looking for ways to improve your skills, our security and risk management qualifications can help. We have a variety of online courses that will teach you everything you need to secure gainful employment.

Security and risk management qualifications at 3CIR:

Advanced Diploma of Cyber Security 22445VIC

Diploma of Security and Risk Management CPP50619

You’ll discover how to develop comprehensive strategies for mitigating potential risks facing an organisation or its people. These qualifications cover anything from cyber security to responding to active threats. You’ll learn how to conduct an assessment of a variety of risk factors, ranging from environmental and technical threats to human factors such as employee misconduct.

Have you been working in Security or Risk Management for a while? If so, consider having your knowledge converted into a qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning. Find out more about our FREE RPL assessment here

The most important thing to know about a career in security and risk management is that there are many different paths you can take. Security specialists may focus on physical security, Information Security or Cyber Security. Risk managers may work in a variety of industries, such as banking, insurance or healthcare. There are also many opportunities for security and risk management consultants. No matter what path you choose, a career in security and risk management can be both challenging and rewarding.

3CIR is the way to go if you’re looking for a new career in security or risk management. With online courses that provide flexible learning to fit your schedule, you can obtain a qualification while also working full time. Alternatively, if you already have security or risk management experience, you could use your existing skills to obtain a qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning and reduce or eliminate your study time. Find out more about RPL

Security and risk management is an important aspects of the modern economy. With increasing demand from both government entities as well private companies, there are more opportunities to work in this field than ever before! Whether you want a job where your tasks include personal protection or developing strategies for large corporations looking at ways to protect themselves against hackers – we’ve got exactly what you need here.

Risk management and security are at the forefront of any organisation’s priorities. And while it’s impossible to eliminate all risks, there are ways to mitigate them. Equip yourself with the necessary skills and expertise to create a safer environment and reduce security threats with our extensive range of security and risk management courses. If you’re looking to pursue a career as a security manager, security analyst, private detective, event security or security risk consultant, our courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills to succeed.

Our courses will provide you with an understanding of the fundamental aspects of effective risk and security management. Teaching for today’s workplace environment, our qualifications teach what employees are looking for in Security and Risk Management professionals.

From devising, briefing and debriefing security processes to developing risk mitigation plans, no matter where you are in your career there is something for you. Qualifications range from Certificate level to Graduate Diploma.

Qualifications cover a wide array of topics, including threats, hazards, opportunities, vulnerabilities, capacity, probability, risk assessment, risk management structures, communication risk, and many more.

After successfully completing our courses, you will be able to recognise the risk management cycle, understand the risk management method and devise an appropriate risk mitigation plans within a variety of settings.

Enrol today and gain the security and risk management qualifications you need for the career you want.

Fundamental priorities

Security and risk management must be a priority for every Australian business. This is the process of identifying and assessing security vulnerabilities in your organisation’s work practices and data systems, as well as implementing plans to address and limit those vulnerabilities.

Security and risk management across a variety of contexts involves:

● Identifying areas of potential risk
● Determining vulnerabilities in current security
● Anticipating future security requirements

Securing against risk in a global environment

Security and risk management face an ever-increasing range of complex and diverse risks in our globally networked world. Whether you’re a security manager, analyst or consultant, a private investigator or managing event security, you will need to keep up to date with the latest security and risk management principles, frameworks and practices required for today’s fast-changing and interconnected work world.

3CIR Security and Risk Management courses

Our security and risk management courses — online and RPL — are designed by security professionals to provide you with the current techniques, information and tools necessary to make informed decisions around risk mitigation and the allocation of security resources.

From cyber security to personnel management, to implementing risk mitigation strategies — 3CIR can help you optimise your skillset across diverse and challenging security environments.

Recognising your security and risk management experience

We offer security and risk management courses via online study and RPL qualifications from Certificate IV through to Advanced Diploma. Sign up today — any prior security and risk management experience you’ve gained in your career can count towards a qualification. FILL OUT OUR RPL FORM now to find out.

For any further questions about OUR COURSES, please feel free to CONTACT ONE OF OUR REPRESENTATIVES who will help you get started.