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Get qualified Without study through RPL

Recognition of prior learning takes the experience you already have and converts it into nationally recognised qualifications. Have your certification in weeks, not years and at a cheaper price. Find out what you’re already eligible for through our RPL ASSESSMENT



Get the Qualification You Need to Kickstart Your Career

Do you feel stuck in your career? Are you struggling to progress in your professional field? Looking to switch industries, or start over? If the answer to any these questions is a yes, then 3CIR can help. We understand the challenges of working life and provide a number of options to help your progress in your chosen career. Depending on your previous experience and the skills you want to obtain, you can explore either our Online Study Courses or Recognition of Prior Learning.

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3CIR online courses

At 3CIR, we offer a range of online classes and courses that help you develop new and marketable skills and lead to certifications. We also offer preparatory classes for various national certifications. The key benefit of online study with 3CIR is its flexibility. You can choose your own study schedule and learn on your own in a way that fits with your current lifestyle. Online study is recommended for those looking to upskill their professional capabilities or for those entering a new industry or profession to develop foundational knowledge.

Whether you’re looking to create a portfolio of recognised skills and RPL certifications, or you’re trying to increase your skillset and move ahead in your future career, with our online courses, you can easily get certifications in any of the following skills:

  • Business — Our business administration courses are designed to help students develop their skills for multiple levels across increasingly senior roles, from administration roles to executive positions. If you’re just starting out, you’ll learn how an organisation operates from the bottom to the top. So, if you’re simply looking for a pre-university qualification, wanting to embark on your own start-up journey, manage a small business or work for a large corporation, you’ll find everything you need to move forward in your business career with an accredited RPL certification. 
  • Leadership and management — Our flexible online study options can lead to great avenues for upskilling and RPL certification. Whether you want to move on to further study or go straight into the workforce, there’s a leadership and management class and qualification for you. Even if you’re new to the sector, you’ll develop the necessary skills to provide guidance and support for effective workplace leadership and management. This industry rewards experience and qualification, which are both important to us at 3CIR. Browse our online courses to start your journey today.
  • Work health and safety — We offer amazing public sector RPL qualifications for those looking to hone their passion for health and safety. Add value to your current or future workplace by priming yourself to identify and address hazards effectively and efficiently. As this is an industry with a high demand for skilled employees, you will be setting yourself up for a rewarding and successful career. If you are passionate about creating a safer workplace, check out our relevant courses to get started. 
  • Cyber security and risk management — If you’re looking to increase your current skillset or start a new career in a security and risk management role, we have plenty of courses that can fit the bill. This can be your launching point, whether you want to become a security analyst, private detective risk consultant, ICT security manager, or many more. 3CIR provides online courses as stepping stones for a rewarding career in your desired field, so make sure to take a good look at what we have available to begin today. 
  • Human resources and quality auditing — All organisations need proper procedures in place for effective, moral, and efficient people management. Whether that’s policy planning, designing and implementation, or day to day quality auditing, there are relevant online courses at 3CIR to get you started on your journey. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or you’re looking to upskill for future work or a higher position, you’ll find a course that fits your needs here. 
  • Project management — Be at the forefront of organisational and developmental change as a skilled and qualified project manager. Our online courses and RPL certification will prepare you for an involved role as a liaison for stakeholders, higher-ups, and allow you to effectively assess project risk as part of your day to day activities. If you’re looking to be an agent for change in your industry, or even seeking a coordinator or team leader role, browse our project management courses to get started. 
  • Marketing — If you’re passionate about being a creative communicator and problem solver, you can apply your existing skills to an online course and be professionally qualified to construct and manage communication strategies. You can help build a brand from scratch, manage and maximise an existing one, or create effective strategies for future growth. Our online courses will get you ready and qualified for the workforce and show employers that you’re willing to go that extra mile. 

We offer more than just public sector RPL qualifications. Our RPL certifications are supplemented by online courses and study, allowing you to move beyond entry-level positions. The level of certifications we offer with our online courses include the following:

  • Certificate III — The first step to being qualified enough to move past an entry-level position is a Certificate III. This isn’t just for those that have years of experience — it can also be completed by those who are seeking new positions. You can upskill your current skill set and boost your resume to get a head start in the workforce or even higher education. 
  • Certificate IV — This level of qualification is for those looking to enter more senior positions, like management or supervisory roles. If you have enough experience in your industry, you can achieve RPL certification without further study, though our online courses are just as effective in preparing you adequately. 
  • Diploma — This is a more involved qualification that can be used to provide credits towards a relevant bachelor’s degree. 

We understand online study is a significant financial investment for many, that’s why we offer a number of easy payment options to break down the up cost and help you afford your learning. See our range of financial options or contact us for more information.

Have your existing skills certified with Recognition of Prior Learning

Throughout your life and professional career, you’ll learn a number of key skills without receiving any certification or formal acknowledgement of this useful knowledge. Many of these skills, if formalised, could make you a much more marketable professional and help improve your opportunities while looking for employment. This is where Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) can help. It is a process that assesses your existing skills in your personal and professional life to see if they match the learning outcomes of any nationally accredited qualification. If they do, you could receive that qualification in weeks, not years depending on the documentation you provide. The RPL process is made possible through the Australian Qualifications Framework and exists to recognise all forms of learning to help those who may not have had an opportunity to undertake formalised education.

Getting an RPL certification bears several benefits for an employment seeker. This certification can help you land a job that pays well, and allows you to kickstart a career. It is a great alternative to a degree or online course certification if you aren’t eligible or can’t afford to apply for those.

Getting an RPL certification bears several benefits for an employment seeker. This certification can help you land a job that pays well, and allows you to kickstart a career. It is a great alternative to a degree or online course certification if you aren’t eligible or can’t afford to apply for those.

At 3CIR, we offer a full range of qualification through RPL. From Certificate II through do Graduate Diploma (higher than a Bachelor’s degree) if you have existing skills in your profession, we can match them to a relevant qualification level. Our qualifications cover a range of industries including:

Benefits of RPL

Now that you know what RPL is; let's dive deeper into the benefits of this process.

It Saves Time and Money

Enrolling in traditional study can take months and years to complete before you start your new career or role. On the other hand, RPL can be completed in weeks with the right documentation. If you can prove that you have the right skills and knowledge, you will be good to go.

Compared to degrees and other online certification courses that cost thousands of dollars, and leave you with a lifelong debt, the RPL certification costs significantly less. Instead of paying tuition fees that cover teacher salaries, equipment and learning material, you only need to cover the cost of an RPL assessor, resulting in a much more affordable pathway to a nationally recognised certification.

Graduates often struggle to land their first job as they don't have much professional experience. Getting an RPL certification improves your chances of employability by proving the existence of certain skill sets that the employer is looking for.

Level Playing Field for Everyone

If you have immigrated from another country with no local qualifications, or you want to make a career switch with no prior experience or degree in the field of your interest, or if you want to start your career from scratch - an RPL certification can help you reach your goal.

With an assessment of your skills, you open yourself up to a variety of opportunities. The RPL certification makes you a stronger candidate for a variety of roles that you may be interested in. It helps level the playing field for candidates who might be at a disadvantage otherwise.

Free Assessment & Quick Qualification Process

As part of 3CIR’s RPL program, we conduct a free assessment and identify all the qualifications that you possess the skills for. This means that you won’t have to go through the trouble of figuring out what kind of work you could do because our assessments will provide you with a variety of options to choose from. You can start the process risk-free and see what you are eligible for. Depending on your experience you can select the course you want and pay the relevant fee…. That’s it, you’re now nationally qualified! If your experience doesn’t fully meet the requirements of the certification, you looking for, you can take a number bridging courses to learn the necessary skills. While this may take longer, it is still significantly cheaper and quicker than starting a new course from scratch.

Take our Free Assessment today and start your journey to get the career you want!

Helping you reach your potential

We at 3CIR believe that learning is for everyone and our team will help you at every step of the way. With years of , experience working with people to reach their education and career goals, we make the process easy so you can get out there and find the job you want! Whether you’re undertaking Online Study or having your skills recognised through RPL we make qualifications affordable and accessible for all.

If finance is a concern, we offer a number of flexible payment options to ensure you can comfortably afford your learning expense. See our range of options and please reach out to us if you have any concerns. We’re here to help and can find a solution that meets your needs.

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    Frequently asked questions Courses

    Is 3CIR a reputable education company?

    Yes, we’ve been helping people get qualified for over 7 years! With our main campus located in Brisbane, we offer students various vocational qualifications ranging from Certificate II up to Graduate Diplomas.  3CIR is an authorised third party of Asset College (RTO #31718) which is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

    What study methods are available to me?

    Study Online

    Envision the opportunity of finishing your schooling any place you are, when and in the way that it suits you best. You will approach our intuitive eLearning stage called Cloud Assess which takes into account self-guided learning with perusing materials remembered for every unit too as evaluation exercises that should be possible on request or whenever!

    Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

    Use your previous professional/volunteer work to obtain a qualification without studying, through RPL. It’s much quicker and cheaper than traditional study. Fill out our free RPL assessment to see what you could be eligible for.

    Study Online at our Facilities

    Finish a similar course online at our preparation accomplice’s offices involving their assets and hardware for nothing! 3CIR or we’ll assist you with any extra necessities. Note: Subject to accessibility, appointments are fundamental.

    Study in Class

    Whether you’re an old pro or simply beginning, our multi-day or 10-week courses will assist your business with arriving at new levels. We offer both in-person studios too web-based learning stages that take special care of the necessities of everybody from amateur solopreneurs as far possible up to laid out leaders searching for ways further develop their deals abilities!


    What’s better, RPL or studying online?

    It depends. RPL is generally cheaper and quicker than online study. However, you will require a number of years of professional experience to be eligible for a qualification. The higher the qualification, the more years of experience you’ll generally need.

    Online study is great if you’re looking to move into a completely new field or have only a few years of experience in your industry.  We recommend first completing an RPL assessment before enrolling in a subject. That way you can see what you’re already eligible for and build from that information.

    What is RPL?

    Recognition of Prior Learning. It’s a process that allows you to use your skills and experience to obtain a qualification without extra study. It’s made possible through the Australian Qualifications Framework and helps those who have not been able to participate in formal education.