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Diploma in HR

Are you a human resources manager or supervisor? You may want to improve your recruitment and selection process and build your current team. The best way to gain this valuable knowledge is to undertake a diploma course in human resources management. It’s a qualification that can develop your higher-level HR skills and potentially advance your career.

What you’ll learn

A diploma in human resources will provide the knowledge and experience to increase the productivity of employees and to coach & mentor your staff. It will also help you acquire managerial skills to efficiently apply HR functions in your organisation. The course consists of six core units and three elective units, all of which are aimed at providing knowledge in the following areas:

  • Managing HR services
  • Managing employee relations
  • Creating and implementing performance-management processes
  • Recruitment and induction process management

By completing a diploma in human resources, you will have the knowledge and skills needed to manage employees. This includes understanding their needs and yours to satisfy both at work! You’ll also learn how best practices for managing them are just one small part of what is possible when it comes down to successfully leading people who report into your workplace every day or week- all while keeping everything neat and organized along with being professional throughout each process no matter where there may fall within these categories: recruitment selection/induction; workforce planning development performance management processes. There’s never been such an opportunity before now – take advantage.

More career options for you

With better managerial skills, you may be able to explore career opportunities in HR consulting. You could become a human resources advisor, change manager, or manager. You might also qualify as a senior HR officer. Your diploma in human resources qualification will prove to current or future employers that you indeed possess the necessary skills to be qualified for certain positions in the HR department of a business or organisation.

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