What Is RPL?

What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning is the process in which your professional experience is converted into nationally recognised qualifications. We assess your formal and non-formal learning to determine if you are eligible to receive certifications or reduce the study time needed to attain them. For a qualification to be awarded through RPL, your experience must match the learning outcomes of a specific course. This process is made possible through the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) which recognises that experience is just as valuable as formal training.

Why Choose RPL?

Traditionally, training programs require students to undertake an extended period of study to receive their certificate. RPL certificate substitutes this process and allows those with extensive industry knowledge and experience to receive their qualifications significantly quicker. Depending on your relevant experience and evidence provided, you can expect to receive your qualifications in weeks, not years.

RPL is also much cheaper than traditional programs as you are only paying for the assessment of your documentation, instead of an entire course.

How It Works:

To see if you are edible to receive qualifications, you must first undertake our FREE RPL assessment:

  1. Complete and submit our FREE RPL assessment form along with as much evidence/documentation of your experience as possible
  2. Our team assesses your documentation to see if your experience meets the learning outcomes for any of our courses
  3. Based on the assessment outcome, you select which qualifications you wish to receive and supply the required fee
  4. Your nationally recognised qualification is officially awarded! Electronic copies are sent to your email address and hard copies to your postal address.

Start today and be recognised for your skills