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Helping Military Veterans Achieve Recognition of Prior Learning

At 3CIR, we are in the business of recognition or prior learning, or RPL. Unlike many RTOs that offer RPL opportunities, though, we often focus our efforts on a particular niche of students: current and ex-military members.

Joining the military is often a rewarding experience, allowing you to learn so much and build lifelong friendships. But it’s not just about being in tight-knit communities where everyone knows your name; once deployed or returning from duty – especially if injuries were sustained during service – life can be even more difficult than before!

The difficulties don’t stop when one returns home either: instead, they worsen due to both physical conditions (such as post-traumatic stress disorder), which arise because people were At this point, the psychology of veterans—particularly those who have seen combat—is well-documented. Post-traumatic stress disorder (or PTSD) is a genuine and very serious problem for veterans.

However, even ex-military service people who don’t struggle with PTSD can have difficulty reintegrating into everyday life. Academia is often at the root of those problems. Individuals who have served in the military have invariably gone through many training and educational sessions. They’ve gained skills and experience that are, by most accounts, extremely valuable to many branches of the Australian or New Zealand workforce. However, ex-military types are sometimes not seen as hireable—not because they lack the skills to do the job, but because they do not have the certification.

Offering Prior Learning Recognition for Military Service

At 3CIR, we offer RPL, or recognition of prior learning, for military service people. We believe the skills servicemen and women acquire while serving their country are valuable and should be given the same weight as skills learned in the university classroom. Our recognition prior learning courses are designed to take the knowledge, experience and skills already there and back them up with certifications. These certifications, in turn, make it easier for veterans to find work and build regular lives away from the military. 3CIR specialises in RPL for the following services:

Army RPL

Air Force RPL

Navy RPL

Military RPL

Our prior recognition of learning opportunities spans several fields and career areas. While not all these courses are specifically relevant to the skills usually gained in military training and service, many of them are. Men and women serving in the military often learn skills in security, leadership, training and education, work health and safety, risk management and more. At 3CIR, we offer courses directly or tangentially related to these focus areas.

Enrol in a 3CIR Recognition of Prior Learning Course Today

Are you interested in getting prior learning recognition for the skills and knowledge you picked up while serving in the military? If so, then 3CIR can help. To get started, complete our FREE RPL Assessment Form. The form will help us assess your level of experience and knowledge and determine which courses are right for you.

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