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Certificate IV in Government

Certificate iv in government security

Certificate IV in Government

A Certificate IV in Government Investigations and a Certificate IV in Government Security are two nationally recognised qualifications you can enrol in through RPL. If you want to fast-track your education and apply for a higher position in the public sector, going through an RPL assessment is recommended. Depending on your knowledge, competencies and experience, you can gain credit towards your qualification and reduce the amount of study time.

Certificate IV in Government Courses are important because they prove your knowledge and skills in investigations and security, still because of the advanced theoretical knowledge and competencies you will acquire.

Here are some of the core and elective units these two Certificate IV in Government Courses will cover:

Conducting an investigation

This unit trains students to hone the skills required to investigate according to the commonwealth and/or jurisdictional law. It involves three essential steps:
1. Locating and recording information sources that are relevant to the investigation.
2. Collecting and managing information and exhibits.
3. Reviewing and adjusting the investigation process to address inadequacies and other issues.

Conducting data analysis

Analysing and matching data from various sources are two important processes that people who conduct regulatory activities should know and master. This unit will teach you different analysis methods, data collection and management systems, inductive/deductive reasoning processes, and public sector legislation.

Identifying and treating risks

Leaders in the public sector have many responsibilities, but one of their most crucial is managing risk. Risk management includes researching and analyzing risks that affect an organization and treating those that can’t be easily mitigated or removed by adjusting plans for safety measures like training programs on how to react during emergencies with minimal interruptions so everyone stays safe! You will also learn about Work Health and Safety, risk management principles and guidelines, and more.

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