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Certificate III Courses

Are you looking to improve your employment prospects and advance beyond entry-level positions in your industry? Look no further than the Certificate III qualifications, which provide the perfect platforms to launch your career. By building upon your basic industry knowledge and upskilling, you’ll consolidate job-specific skills and refine your understanding of the industry, making you a valuable asset to any organization. If you have experience in your industry, you could already be eligible to receive a Certificate III qualification without having to study. At 3CIR, we offer an RPL process that allows you to determine your eligibility for this qualification based on your prior work experience. Don’t wait to take the next step in your career. Enrol in our RPL process today and see if you’re eligible for a Certificate III qualification. With 3CIR, you can take control of your future and unlock new opportunities for professional success.

Certificate III Courses

If you have experience in your industry, you could already be eligible to receive a Certificate III qualification without study, begin our RPL process and find out more.

What do I require before I begin a Certificate III course?

No formal prerequisite units are required to enrol in our Certificate III courses. If you are looking to undertake online study at 3CIR, depending if you have ever studied in the past, you may have to undertake a language literacy and numeracy quiz to begin a course. This is to ensure that you can undertake Cert III study. We want to ensure that you have the best possible outcome for your qualification. Therefore, a basic command of the English language is required. This test takes approximately 30 minutes and can be completed in multiple sessions, so no need to stress!

If you have already completed previous study, you can skip this test by providing evidence of completion whether that is a certificate II or another qualification. This will allow knowing you are capable of completing study and you can begin enrolment in the course.

Certificate III Quicker with Recognition of Prior Learning

If you already have experience both professional or voluntary in the industry that you’re looking to receive a qualification in, you may already be eligible through a process called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). RPL looks at your current knowledge and skills, mapping this to the learning outcomes of all of our qualifications. If they align, you can receive a qualification in weeks, not years, for much cheaper. A certificate III is much easier to obtain than many of our other certificate levels, so a little time in the job may allow you to obtain one. It all depends on what type of evidence you can provide and if that meets the requirements of a certificate III level qualification. There are many different methods to providing evidence, including your current resume, current or former position descriptions, performance appraisals, licenses etc. If you want to know more information regarding what evidence you may need, reach out and contact us today. Otherwise, you can take a FREE RPL Assessment today and see what you’re already eligible for.

Online Study for A Cert III course

As with all our Certificate and Diploma courses, you can enrol to study online. One of the key benefits of this is your ability to learn in a way that best fits your schedule. You’ll be able to study around your personal and professional obligations and find a balance that works with your lifestyle. If you require facilities to study in, let us know! Our partner organisations around the country can help provide a space for you to learn without distractions. Also, we at 3CIR believe that finance should never be a barrier to education, this is why we offer several payment plan options to help you break down the upfront costs of a Certificate III course in a manageable way. Find out more about our payment plan options.

Certificate III Courses at 3CIR

Depending on the career you want, there are a number of courses you can choose from for a cert 3 at 3CIR. If you’re wanting to start a career in business then our BSB30120 Certificate III in Business will help you get started. You’ll develop many foundational skills that will help you become more confident in the workplace. Not only will you learn critical thinking in a team environment, but you’ll also improve your team-based communication and learn how to participate in sustainable workplace practices. With a wide range of elective units in this course, you can explore which areas you are most interested in within the business world.

If working for a corporation is not for you, but you enjoy the idea of business, you could pursue a Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business – BSB30220. This practical course will get you ready to launch your new idea into the world and provide a well-rounded understanding of how to get a start-up off the ground. Learn how to create a business proposal and how to track the finances of the business. You will also understand the legal obligations linked to the ownership of a new business and develop skills to market your product or service. A Cert III in Entrepreneurship and New Business could be your ticket to a for filling self-made career journey!

Another Cert III course we offer is the BSB30719 Certificate III in Work Health and Safety. You’ll learn about the basics of WHS and start by developing a good understanding of the required safety practices in the workplace and the laws that are in place to protect employees. You’ll also develop your WHS communication and consultation skills and become proficient in the correct way to identify, prevent and report potential facility emergency situations. A good place to build your skills, a Certificate III in WHS can help you launch your new career.

Frequently Asked Certificate III Courses Questions

If you are looking to progress from an entry-level position, then obtaining Certificate III is perfect for your needs. It will teach all about job-specific skills and help refine your understanding of industry standards which can be applied immediately upon graduation. Learn new skills to expand your professional capabilities to become more competitive in the recruitment process.

You can learn more about your career options and grow your industry knowledge. You will expand on the basics of what you already know, gain new skills for work and get an edge when applying for jobs. The capabilities you build through this qualification will help pave the way for further study options and career possibilities.

If you already have experience in your chosen field, you may already be eligible for a Certificate III qualification with little or no study through Recognition of Prior Learning. Take our Free RPL assessment and find out now.

– Customer service advisor
– Data entry operator
– Clerical worker
– Payroll officer
– Office Clerk
– Work Health and Safety Assistant
– Work Health and Safety Committee Member
– Work Health and Safety Representative
– Owners and Managers of a micro business
– Independent Contractor