Emergency Services RPL for People Who Wish to Transition to Private Job Roles from Emergency Services

3cir.com’s Emergency services RPL has been crafted and made for all personnel who are involved in emergency services like the Police, Defense personnel, military, Border force and others, who are presently working in the area of providing emergency services....

The program is primarily meant for people who have the requisite knowledge and experience of enhancing workplace security. After completion of the course and being successfully awarded the certification, personnel in uniform can move out of their current roles and get into the private sector or alternative government industries to work in administrative and managerial roles.

3cir.com offers seven such fully equipped online programs under Emergency services RPL that range from Human Resources, Business Administration, Leadership Management, Learning, Program Management, Portfolio Management to Strategic Leadership.

Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) is ideal for people who wish to pursue learning and development as a full-time career. With their kind of experience, people in emergency services already have, they can look forward to becoming the top brass of organisations one day. They can also become consultants and in order to do so, this course provides and equips with the right knowledge and skills.

Similarly, is the Advanced Diploma of Management in Human Resources is where the candidate can look to work as HR directors, strategists and managers. The course content entails ways and techniques to become HR leaders in the corporate setup, plan strategies, implement them and work towards creating a congenial working atmosphere within the workspace.

The Advanced Diploma of Business under the Emergency services RPL of 3cir.com is suitable for people from the Defence and Emergency services, who wish to work as administrators and senior executives in the private sector. The program provides key learnings to enable effective coordination and support to facilitate effective functioning of all departments and units. 3cir.com’s Advanced Diploma of Program Management is for people who love to manage and execute successful projects and aim to work as Project Managers, section leads, branch heads etc. The course covers exhaustively all relevant aspects of managing single and multiple programs effectively. The role also needs to govern the programs at the macro level; hence, the course offers insights and teaches techniques to do so.

The best thing about 3cir.com’s Emergency services RPL programs are that the applicable fees for Emergency and Military personnel are discounted soundly. Are you interested to know more about the different programs, the scope and job potential? Call us at 1300517039 today for more information!