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Work Health and Safety Careers and Insights

Welcome to 3CIR, your trusted partner in furthering your career in Work Health and Safety (WHS). We understand that the decision to delve into or advance in the WHS domain is an important one, so we’ve curated a page filled with insights, career trajectories, and the reasons why WHS is the right choice for you.

Why Work Health and Safety?

Career Opportunities in WHS

The field of WHS is vast and varied. Some potential career roles include:

WHS Officer

The frontline of workplace safety, ensuring daily compliance with safety regulations.

WHS Advisor

Providing specialist advice and strategies to boost safety standards.

Risk Assessor

Evaluating potential hazards and deriving solutions to mitigate them.

WHS Trainer

Educating employees on safety protocols and procedures.

Safety Auditor

Ensuring that all safety protocols are up to par and recommending improvements.


Work Health and Safety Manager


Work Health and Safety Officer


Health and Safety Adviser


Health and Safety Coordinator


Health and Safety Manager


Health and Safety Officer


Health Safety and Environment Adviser


Occupational Health and Safety Adviser

Typical salary

Course Offerings at 3CIR

Our comprehensive courses are tailored to give you both theoretical knowledge and practical insights:

Why Choose 3CIR?

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Balance your work, life, and education with our flexible online course structures.

State-of-the-art Resources

Get access to the latest case studies, tools, and research material to stay ahead in the WHS domain.

Continuous Support

From enrolment to graduation, our support team ensures you face no hiccups in your learning journey.

Statistics That Matter

WHS professionals have reported a job satisfaction rate of over 85%, making it one of the top contented professions in Australia.

There’s an anticipated growth of 15% in WHS job openings over the next five years.

Over 70% of WHS professionals at managerial levels have pursued advanced courses like the ones offered at 3CIR.


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