Marketing and Communications Courses

If you’re a creative communicator thinking about stepping into the world of marketing or refining your existing skills, we have a range of courses available.

Our qualifications can help you understand, construct and manage your own Marketing Communication strategy, developing a Marketing Mix that will help promote your brand and grow your organisation.

If you have Marketing experience, you could already be eligible to receive a qualification without study, begin our RPL process and FIND OUT NOW.

Best Marketing RPL Courses Online – Apply now

Learn how to promote products and services effectively, isolate audiences for promotional messages and interpret market trends and developments. From local to international markets, develop and understand the fundamental principles of effective communication and how to apply it to your specific organisation.

What are the drivers of customer behaviour and what is the best way to promote your product or service? Melding skill and art, our marketing courses will help you engage your customers, build your brand and communicate effectively with your chosen target demographic. Cut through the noise and stand out in the crowed. You’ll build your skills in copywriting, digital media creation, presentation design and campaign execution while also developing your eye for spotting opportunities within your market.

Learn how to harness the power of digital media and explore key user design experiences that are proven to hold the attention of your customer. You’ll also discover how traditional media can still play a critical role in promotion through developing a public relations campaign. Interpret market research and uncover the meaning behind data to make critical decisions for your organisation. This fast-paced industry is continually evolving to match new trends and technology, if you’re new to the field or looking to sharpen your skills, our qualifications hold the knowledge you need to keep ahead of the pack and become a Marketing machine

Communication is a life-skill with broarder applications than just marketing and public relations. Whether you’re talking to individuals or audiences in the thousands the ability to clearly convey your message is a vital skill for any professional. If you have experience as a professional communicator, consider Recognition of Prior Learning , it will save you time and money, getting you where you need to be sooner.

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Diploma of Marketing and Communication BSB50620

Diploma of Marketing and Communication BSB50620

RPL - $1600

Study online - $3350

Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication BSB40820

Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication BSB40820

RPL - $1250

Study online - $2500