Certificate II

This level of qualification is for those beginning a new career and are seeking an introduction into the field. It will make you familiar with the fundamentals of this your subject and offer a pathway to further education.

As course modules at this level are designed to establish baseline knowledge in your field, they are perfect for new learners.

Our Certificate II qualifications are only available through the RPL process. If you have experience in your industry you may be eligible, find out more.

Learn basic industry concepts, skills and terminology which will prepare you to perform routine work. During this course, you will also learn how to implement your newfound knowledge and apply it to your organisation.

Add value to your CV and build a solid foundation for further study. A certificate II course can show your prospective employer that you are dedicated to your work and eager to improve your expertise.

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Certificate II in Workplace Skills BSB20120

Certificate II in Workplace Skills BSB20120

RPL - $600

Study online - $1000