Leadership and Management

The value of quality leadership in organisations large and small cannot be overstated. We believe leaders are made, not born and are important at every level of an organisation’s structure.

Whether you are a new, aspiring, or seasoned leader, our leadership and manageement courses can help shape you into the leader that you want to be. Through our qualifications, you will develop sound management practices and learn how to lead and adapt to change within your business or profession.

If you have experience in your industry, you could already be eligible to receive a qualification without study, find out more about the RPL process .

It will also keep you on top of the current leadership trends and help you develop and shape the next generation of leaders in your organisation.

Our courses teach you how to create strategies, build processes, use the latest leadership skills and practices to boost the performance of your team.

Expand your leadership, management and organisational development skills to cut costs, optimise resources and adapt to the changing needs of the customers.

People perform their best when they are managed by a competent leader and being able to unite many people under the same banner for a common goal is a skill unto itself.

We’ve all experienced good and bad managers but might find it difficult to identify exactly what makes a good leader so valuable. Our Leadership and Management Courses allow you to explore the multi-faceted aspects of good management and how exactly to motivate your team to new levels of performance.

Develop an in-depth understanding of team dynamics and effective communication while developing your own emotional intelligence. You’ll learn the key drivers of innovation within the workplace and the benefits of personal and professional development. You’ll also acquire fundamental management skills including how to report finical activity, create a presentation, implement a workplace information system and establish workplace priorities.

Leadership is a skill that’s built over a career and our range of Leadership and Management courses can help you at every stage of your professional journey. With Certificate level qualifications through to Graduate Diplomas (higher than a university bachelor’s degree) there is always room to explore and develop your Leadership and Management skills.

If you have experience leading people or managing teams within or outside your professional life, you should explore Recognition of Prior Learning options. Through RPL you maybe be able to reduce study time and save money in the process.

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Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB50420

Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB50420

RPL - $1600

Study online - $3350

Certificate IV in Leadership and Management BSB40520

Certificate IV in Leadership and Management BSB40520

RPL - $1250

Study online - $2500