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Graduate Diploma Courses

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Our Graduate Diploma is the highest qualification we offer and sits 1 level below a Master’s Degree in the Australian Qualifications Framework. Individuals with this prestigious qualification have advanced and specialised knowledge in their chosen field. They are equipped with developed problem-solving, communication, and critical-thinking skills essential for success in any industry. At 3CIR, we offer Graduate Diploma qualifications exclusively through the RPL process. If you have extensive experience in your industry, you may be eligible to apply for this program. Don’t wait to take the next step in your career – find out if you qualify for our Graduate Diploma RPL program today..

Those who obtain this qualification have advanced and specialised knowledge in their chosen field. Developed problem-solving, communication and critical thinking are associated with this level of qualification.

Graduate Diploma Courses

Our Graduate Diploma qualifications are only available through the RPL process . If you have experience in your industry you may be eligible find out now.

Possession of this type of certification illustrates to prospective employers that you not only have a skill but are also dedicated to self-improvement. With adequate industry or discipline-specific skills and knowledge, advanced diploma courses make you more marketable in the workforce.

The advantages of a Graduate Diploma

A Grad Dip level qualification says to employers that you have a proficient understanding and expertise in a particular subject. Because it is above a Bachelor’s Degree it is considered a post-graduate level of qualification. Meaning the expectations of your knowledge are significant. While it is possible to study for a Graduate Diploma from scratch, at 3CIR we only offer this qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Because of this, to be eligible to obtain this certification, you will need to have a significant amount of previous experience in your chosen career. Those who have less than 5 years of industry knowledge should look more towards our Diploma or Advanced Diploma qualifications. Should you receive a Graduate Diploma, there are many advantages:

You can move up the career ladder

A postgraduate level qualification such as a Graduate Diploma through RPL can help you achieve where you want to go, whether you’re looking for a job or want to advance in your current position. You may improve your abilities by earning a higher degree in your industry, or you could pursue management with a school like an MBA. For recent graduates, postgraduate qualifications may be the only chance to land a desirable position in their chosen field. If you are looking to do further study, you may be able to use your Graduate Diploma RPL to reduce the overall study time as some units of competency might be the same!

Help change or shift careers

Graduate Diplomas through RPL need to be awarded through significant industry experience. However, higher-level qualifications can help you change positions or move careers. The level of qualification demonstrates your ability to master your craft and helps employers justify your placement within an unfamiliar or adjacent role.

A number of Graduate Diploma Options

We have three different courses you can obtain through a Graduate Diploma RPL, they are a Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership (BSB80320), a Graduate Diploma in Portfolio Management (BSB80220) and a Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) (BSB80120). Each of these covers different skills but a common underlying theme of each course is the leadership and management experience that goes with them. To be eligible, you should have had a high-level role within your organisation, or even started your own business. The skills you obtain during this time will better map the learning outcomes of the course and provide a pathway to justifying the qualification.

Why choose a Graduate Diploma Through RPL

You could just as easily start your learning from scratch and apply for a Graduate Diploma program and begin your study. However, why learn the skills and knowledge you already know? A Graduate Diploma RPL saves you significant time and money and can get you applying for new jobs and promotions straight away. If you are looking to study a Grad Dip, it could take you anywhere from 1 to 4 years, depending on your course load. You may already have a mortgage, family, full-time job and plenty of other responsibilities that would detract you from your study. With a Grad Dip RPL, the only effort you need to do is to fill out our Free RPL assessment form and provide evidence of your qualifications.

What Evidence do I need for my Graduate Diploma RPL application?

We need to be sure that you have the relevant skills necessary to obtain a Grad Diploma, that’s why we ask as part of the RPL process to provide as much evidence of your current skills as possible. This can range from your CV to specific licenses, position descriptions, performance appraisals, reports you’ve written, procedures you’ve implemented, projects you’ve completed etc. The more documentation you can provide, the easier and quicker it will be to award you the Graduate Diploma that you want.

What Happens next?

A 3CIR RPL assessor will take your evidence and view the learning outcomes of a Graduate Diploma level qualification and advise where more documentation is required (if necessary). For skills and competencies that you don’t have evidence for you may need to complete a quiz, or undertake a skills demonstration to show your advanced knowledge. In some instances, you can even sign a statutory declaration to justify your knowledge.

Receiving your Graduate Diploma through RPL

If successful, the next step is the pay the required fee and then that’s it. You’re free to use your qualification as you please and have peace of mind knowing that you have a nationally recognised qualification that verifies your years of experience! So what are you waiting for, show the world what you know and start your Free Graduate Diploma RPL Assessment here!

Frequently Asked Graduate Diploma Courses Questions

The Graduate Diploma is our highest level of qualification and sits at the same level as an Honours Degree within the Australian Qualifications framework. Those who obtain this advanced award have expert knowledge in their chosen field, with developing problem-solving skills being common among those studying towards it!

Graduating with this type of certification means that you not only have a skill but are dedicated to self-improvement. Graduate Diploma courses make it easier for prospective employers to find qualified candidates in their desired industry or discipline because they show dedication and commitment toward mastering all aspects necessary for success. A graduate diploma demonstrates your ability as well as expertise which can help enhance career prospects both inside your chosen field.

– General Manager
– Chief Executive Officer
– Chief Operating Officer
– Director
– Project Director
– Chief Operating Officer
– Portfolio Manager
– General manager of human resources
– Head of school Registered Training Organisation
– Director, workforce planning and development
– Learning and development senior consultant
– Manager, learning and change management
– Manager, learning and development