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Advanced Diploma Courses

Are you looking to attain specialised knowledge and become a highly skilled worker in your field? Our Advanced Diploma level courses are designed to help you achieve this goal. With an Advanced Diploma, you’ll be able to undertake paraprofessional work, which means you can complete professional tasks. Enrolling in our Advanced Diploma courses will expand your skills and build on your previous qualifications. You’ll learn how to develop and implement plans and prepare yourself for leadership positions across your organisation. It’s important to note that our Advanced Diploma qualifications are only available through the RPL process. However, if you have experience in your industry, you may be eligible. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to advance your career and take your skills to the next level. Find out if you’re eligible for an Advanced Diploma through RPL now.

Advanced Diploma Courses

Our Advanced Diploma qualifications are only available through the RPL process . If you have experience in your industry you may be eligible find out now .

An Advanced Diploma RPL Career through Benefits.

Because of the increasing demand in some industries, advanced diploma qualifications are becoming more common sort after in the workplace. It’s a great sign to employers that you have mastered the foundations of your profession and are approaching the middle tier level of educational competency. This can help you demonstrate to employers that you are dedicated to your craft and are keep to advancing higher in your career. It can also help you branch out into specialisations within your role and pave the way to developing a niche within your industry.

Pathway to Further Education through an Advanced Diploma

Within the Australian Qualifications Framework, an Advanced Diploma Qualification sits just under a Bachelors Degree level qualification. This means that Adv Dip through 3CIR can not only help you progress professionally, but it can also kickstart your learning if you’re not quite ready to begin university studies. If you complete your Advanced Diploma through RPL, you might gain easier entry into a university and potentially save time on your next qualification as some of the course courses may overlap. As always, speak to a university to see if they will grant you this credit before committing.

Advanced Diploma RPLs how does it work?

Many Certificate and Diploma level qualifications can be undertaken through online study or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), our Advanced Diploma qualifications can only be completed through RPL. Because of this, to obtain an Adv Diploma through 3CIR, you will need to have a sufficient amount of experience in your chosen profession. Thankfully, we have many Advanced Diploma qualifications to choose from these include an Advanced Diploma in Business (BSB60120), an Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB60420), an Advanced Diploma in Work Health and Safety (BSB60619), an Advanced Diploma of Marketing (BSB60520), an Advanced Diploma of Cyber Security (22445VIC), an Advanced Diploma of Program Management (BSB60720) and an Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management (BSB60320). With plenty of different options to choose from, if you have spent enough time in the workforce, some of these qualifications may overlap with your experience.

RPL Process for Advanced Diplomas

As with all our qualifications, Recognition of Prior Learning is available! RPL uses your previous experience (whether that is professional or voluntary) and maps them to the learning outcomes of any of our qualifications. As mentioned, often times you will need a fair amount of experience in your profession to obtain an Advanced Diploma. The two main benefits of obtaining your qualification through 3CIR are that the RPL assessment is completely free and secondly, you can see any level of qualification you’re already eligible for from Certificate II all the way to Graduate Diploma. So here’s how you apply:

Pick the Advanced Diploma you’d like and fill out an assessment form:

While our RPL assessment will determine any qualifications you can obtain through your experience, having an idea about what you want your qualification for will help. Are you looking for career progression or to switch industries and try something new? All information will streamline the process. As part of the form, fill out your details and list any industry experience you have. If you also have an updated CV, upload it to give us a better idea of how the assessment will progress.

Provide Evidence of your experience

While a CV is a great place to start, for our assessment to begin we need evidence of your previous experience in the form of previous position descriptions, performance appraisals, images or videos of you completing the work or and reports or documents you have created. Any bit of evidence will make a better case for your application. The more the better! Also, the quicker you send this information through, the quicker the next step can take place.

Mapping your experience

For your Advanced Diploma qualification, we need to see if your experience meets all the learning outcomes of your selected certification. This allows for your RPL Advanced Diploma to be equal to one a student completes through study. If we can use your evidence to prove you have the same level of industry-specific knowledge, you’re eligible to receive that qualification without additional study. If you don’t meet all the requirements, don’t worry you can still undertake a few extra units of study and make up the difference!

Pay your fee and get qualified with an Advanced Diploma through RPL

Once the mapping is complete you’ll be able to see all the qualifications you’re able to obtain through your current level of experience. Simply select which ones you’d like and pay the relevant fee… that’s it! You’re nationally qualified. Hard copies get sent to your address and you’re now able to apply for jobs using your fresh Advanced Diploma.

Get started in your career today! Fill out our Free RPL Assessment and start today!

Frequently Asked Advanced Diploma Courses Questions

With our Advanced Diploma level courses, you can become a highly-skilled worker. This will help you demonstrate your ability to complete more complex tasks that require specialised knowledge. This level of qualification will help you achieve your goal if you’re looking to be involved in leadership or management positions.

Advanced Diploma of Business BSB60120 
Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB60420
Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety BSB60619
Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication BSB60520
Advanced Diploma of Cyber Security 22445VIC
Advanced Diploma of Program Management BSB60720
Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management BSB60320

Our Advanced Diploma Courses are only offered through Recognition of Prior Learning. This means you must already have a high level of experience in your occupation to be eligible to obtain one without further study. Find out more by taking our Free RPL Assessment today.

– Business Development Director
– Senior Executive
– Senior Administrator
– Senior Executive
– Business Analyst
– Quarry Business Manager
– Chief Executive Officer
– Area Manager
– Department Manager
– Regional Manager
– Business Development Director
– Work Health and Safety Advisor
– Work Health and Safety Manager
– Work Health and Safety Specialist
– Senior Work Health and Safety Consultant
– Marketing Director
– National, Regional or Global Marketing Manager
– Marketing Strategist
– Cyber Security Practitioner
– Cyber Security Consultant
– Information systems security manager
– Network security Manger
– Website security
– Project Manager
– Project Manager – Construction/Health
– Project Management – Branch/Section Leader
– Human Resources Director
– Human Resources Strategist
– National, Regional or Global HR Manager