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Regardless of industry, every business is legally obligated to protect its employees. Most medium and large firms will have dedicated members of staff supervising health and safety issues in the workplace to meet this requirement. Health and safety experts will always have work and fresh opportunities to advance.

Whether you work on a bustling construction site or in an office, health and safety are always problems that must be addressed. This could be an excellent opportunity to expand your abilities and pursue a new career path. Let’s look at how you can get your health and safety career off to a good start.

Is health and safety a good career path?

Yes! There will always be jobs if you have the qualifications, experience, and attitude, as every workplace requires health and safety procedures.

Health and Safety in Construction, Building Manufacturing Industries
The construction industry is known for its high demand for health-risk personnel. The practical nature of the job means that accidents often happen, which leads to robust safety measures being implemented throughout all aspects, from training procedures down to use-of-force guidelines, so legal compliance can be assured when it comes time for litigation or other proceedings related to work injuries sustained during employment.

Health and safety certifications can also help you advance your career by providing transferable skills that can be applied to various professions and industries. Working in these positions can pave the way for you to advance into management, consulting, or higher education. Starting salaries for health and safety experts are typically $65,000, with opportunities to improve as you climb the career ladder.

Where do WHS Professionals Work?

Many industries in Australia rely on WHS professionals. Hospitals, hotels, restaurants, local governments, construction or engineering companies, colleges, universities, police forces, the defence forces, food processing and packaging plants, mining companies, oil and gas companies, manufacturers, government departments, and large private companies may all employee health and safety advisors.

Tasks and duties of WHS Officer:

  • In the workplace, promoting healthy and safe working methods and practices.
  • Ensure up-to-date health and safety compliance throughout the organisation.
  • Hazards, accidents, injuries, and health issues are identified, recorded, and reported.
  • Assisting with accident investigations, researching possible causes, and offering solutions.
  • We organise health and safety training for managers, supervisors, and employees.
  • Assisting with rehabilitating injured workers and ensuring that they return to work successfully.
  • Emergency protocols and first-aid staff must be coordinated.
  • Create OHS plans and ensure that they are followed.
  • Inspecting the workplace and related tools and equipment for regulatory compliance.

Work Health and Safety Officers are frequently on-site, liaising between the shop floor and middle management by monitoring OHS compliance and offering technical guidance. They have great administrative abilities and are Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualified (VET). Manufacturing, construction, health, and mining are just a few industries where Work Health and Safety Officers are employed.

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