The importance of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) on job sites

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Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)

Health and safety are crucial on job sites. Every year, there are fatalities and injuries across all areas of Australian industry. In 2021, there were 194 fatalities in total. Over the same period, there were also 120,355 serious workers’ compensation claims, with costs running into millions. There were an estimated 4 million workplaces, leading to various severities branding pain and injury and time off work.

Despite these alarming figures, the Australian workplace is becoming safer. The overall death and injury rate has decreased by around 25% over the past ten years, which is great news! Although the fact that people still are becoming injured and killed at work never causes celebration.

The encouraging changes to workplace statistics are primarily due to a shift in workplace culture. Workplace health and safety have become far more critical to the daily operation of work and are a significant factor in any industry’s organisation.

Whereas once there was often a negligent attitude towards using safety equipment, these days, workers expect to be kept safe by correct working practices & safety equipment and will likely refuse to work if these are not in place.

Workplace health and safety is a rapidly growing industry in Australia. So, if you are looking for a new and rewarding career that helps people stay safe, taking a workplace health and safety course may be the opportunity you are looking for. The good news is that if you have recently left the armed services or emergency services, you have the necessary skills, experience, and experience for this role.

If this is the case, you can apply via Recognition of Public Learning (RPL), so you won’t need to waste time learning what you already know.

So which Health and Safety Courses are available?

Certificate III in work health and safety broadens your understanding of Health and Safety regulations, hazard prevention & control and how to prevent potential emergencies.

Certificate IV in work health and safety suits individuals who wish to be more supervisory. Available jobs include Work Health and Safety Officer or Coordinator. They could be a good choice for people with relevant experience and those who have undertaken the introductory Certificate III course.

You can also study for a WHS diploma, which will help you learn how to implement safety policies for larger companies and cover everything an organisation needs to operate safely. From the introduction of ergonomic chairs to minimise strain injuries in the office to the transportation and storage of hazardous chemicals, this course covers it all.

Health and Safety in the Workplace are of paramount importance to everyone. Cutting corners on safety is morally wrong and expensive for employers. Remember that each minor workplace accident costs compensation, sick pay, and time off work. So, when you work in this field, you impact people’s lives and help your organisation run more efficiently and smoothly, benefiting everyone.

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