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Career in Cyber Security - The Pros and Cons | 3CIR

Career in Cyber Security

When choosing any career field, you must know its pros and cons. If you are contemplating whether to work in cyber security, you have come to the right place. Since cyber security covers different industry sectors, it opens up a world of opportunity. Here’s what you need to know.

Pros of a career in Cyber Security

  1. Excellent Salary

One of the main reasons people pursue a cyber security career is that it allows them to earn an excellent salary. The fact is that cyber security professionals are highly paid. When you compare their earnings with other fields, you will quickly realise how much more you could take home. You can easily earn six figures once you establish your footing.

  1. Abundance of Jobs

Another pro of working in cyber security is that plenty of jobs are available. You can easily find work with a government contractor, public school system, local government, university, health care provider, telecommunication firm, government agency, investment firm, or a bank. There is no limit to where you can work.

  1. High Demand

There is currently a high demand for cybersecurity professionals. The industry has the lowest unemployment rate. This means that you would get to call the shots. Besides, you might even get interview offers every other day on LinkedIn from recruiters.

  1. Opportunity to Advance

If you want the best career, cyber security is as good as it gets, as it offers the ability to advance quickly. Once you gain the necessary skills, you will have no trouble progressing on the career ladder. All you would need to do is take on training and earn additional certifications as you learn.

  1. Learn New Things

As a cyber security professional, you will learn new things every day. If you like to keep things interesting, the field will keep you on your feet. Although there will be challenges along the way, anyone who loves to learn should be able to succeed.

Cons of a career in Cyber Security

  1. Demanding Hours

With great pay comes responsibility. You will have to work demanding hours. If there is a cyberattack, you would have to work extra hours to ensure that the systems used by the organisation are not compromised.

  1. Pressure

Working in cyber security also comes with its fair share of pressure. As an attack or hack is always possible, you must be on-call and ready to work, even during the holidays.

Study Cyber Security at 3CIR

Hopefully, we’ve helped you decide after weighing up the pros and cons of a career in cyber security. If you think you have what it takes to be a cyber security professional, you need to study our cyber security course. 3CIR provides all the skills you need to find work and awards a highly sought-after qualification. Hence, you will embrace new opportunities when you study with us.

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