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Business course

A business course offers plenty of choices if you are considering a new career start. After all, business is the backbone of the economy, so whether you want to work in local government or a major corporation or fancy going it alone as an entrepreneur, a business qualification will help your future success.

There are millions of businesses operating across Australia, so a business career offers plenty of opportunities in a wide range of fields.

Business is a catch-all term that describes any type of organisation that is engaged in some sort of commercial, industrial or professional activity. This means that when you have a business qualification, it is adaptable because all organisations require many of the same skill sets. A business course that is right for you will work across all platforms and areas of enterprise.

So which business course is right for you?

Business training is available at all levels. Whatever your background, you can find the right course to build on your existing skills.

Remember that you may already have relevant skills and previous experience that you can use to obtain a qualification through the Recognition of Prior Learning program (RPL) so you won’t need to waste time studying what you already know.

The Certificate II in Workplace Skills is ideal for starting or changing your career. This gives you the skills to work as an Administration Assistant, Receptionist, Clerical Worker or Office Junior. The qualification will enable you to get a job in any business environment, even if you lack experience.

The most advanced course is the Advanced Diploma of Business, a qualification suitable for senior administrators and executives looking to expand on their existing management and leadership roles.

There is also a range of business courses and diplomas available that aim to build on your existing knowledge and take you to the next level.

Think about what type of Business career you want

In general, the best approach to choosing the business course that’s right for you is to think about your career aspirations. Suppose you want a job within the business environment and are looking to climb the corporate ladder. In that case, nothing stops you from beginning at an entry-level position and taking courses to improve your skills. You’ll develop a better understanding of your industry and improve your prospects for promotion.

However, if you have aspirations to start your own business, the certificate in entrepreneurship and new business will help you start a new micro business from scratch.

The takeaway is that wherever you are now in your career, nothing can stop you from expanding your skill set to gain a successful and profitable future in business. So, take the first step towards your new life by enrolling in one of our many business courses. We can help you put your dreams and plans into action!

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