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RPL Business Management

If you’ve worked within the business world and in your professional life managing others but don’t have a qualification, obtaining our business management certification through Recognition of Prior Learning is one of the best decisions you can make. Many employers consider certifications when offering executive positions or hiring for management roles. Therefore, an RPL in Business Management is the perfect way to verify your skills and demonstrate to others that you have the proper knowledge and experience for the job. But let’s look at some other benefits of this qualification:

  1. Increases Employability with an RPL in Business Management

A great thing about obtaining an RPL business management is that it boosts your job prospects significantly. The qualification verifies your management-related skills and opens up opportunities for you. To obtain a business management qualification in this way, you need to have an experience that matches all the relevant learning outcomes of the certification. This means a student who has studied the subject and graduated will have the same level of knowledge as you have but likely none of your experience. An employer looking at you and the student will always pick the person with the right technical skills and knowledge alongside years of hands-on experience. This is how RPL can shine.

  1. Saves you time

If a lack of qualifications limits your career progress, your only option is to return to school and hit the books. While this is great in theory, the reality is that study can take years to complete. This often means you need to learn around your full-time job (which can be stressful) or reduce your role to part-time. Unfortunately, many employers won’t allow you to reduce your hours, so you may need to find another job. A Business Management RPL bypasses these scenarios entirely. Instead of learning new material, you must only provide evidence of your previous business management experience. This can all be conducted online; our assessors do all the heavy lifting. This means you can continue working in your role while qualifying in weeks!

  1. Demonstrate your skills across Different Disciplines

In any management role, you need to have various skills. A business management RPL looks at your skills in communication/team dynamics, business risk, procurement, data management and strategic coordination and awards learning credits as appropriate. This results in a qualification that officially verifies the variety of skills you possess to others.

  1. Gain credibility to start your venture

In addition to the above, a business management program will run your organisation. A qualification is like a badge that tells everyone you know what you’re doing and that you have a solid foundation of the elements essential for starting a business. This can help lure in potential investors or customers to trust your start-up.

Enrol in Our RPL Business Management Program

Now that you know how an RPL business management program can help advance your career, where do you start? Fill out a free RPL assessment form alongside a resume, and we’ll begin the process. If you have the right business management skills, you can get qualified in weeks, not years!  If you have any questions about the process or what evidence you need to verify your skills, you can reach out anytime for more information.

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