Graduate Diplomas and Why You Need Them

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Graduate Diplomas

Graduate Diplomas

Graduating without taking years off is more attainable than you think! With graduate diplomas, people can still get their desired degree and start well-paying jobs in two years. This may be an excellent option for those struggling to afford tuition or find time between work obligations due to a lack of flexibility with study schedules. Today’s employment market has become so competitive that it’s not enough to have a bachelor’s under your belt – employers want professionals readymade from day 1. That means if our country wants everyone qualified enough before they enter adulthood, then we need smart young minds working hard at researching new methods & technologies while also maintaining strong relationships within industry networks.

What is a Graduate Diploma?

A graduate diploma is a postgraduate course that can take up to 120 credits and takes around 30 weeks to complete. It is often considered equivalent to a Master’s degree, except that you’re not required to complete a dissertation and the required credit hours are much less. So, if you’re looking to upskill yourself or qualify for higher-level professional roles, a graduate diploma can help you do that.

Benefits of A Graduate Diploma Through RPL

Did you know that you can qualify for a graduate diploma through RPL? Yes, it’s true. Even if you don’t have a formal degree, if you acquire RPL certification, you can level the field for yourself in terms of opportunities by getting a diploma.

If you’re still unsure, keep reading below to learn about the various benefits of completing a postgraduate diploma through RPL:

1.      Higher Chance of Employability

A graduate diploma through RPL can help you stand out and compete for better professional roles. It provides additional qualifications and skills that make your potential employer notice your profile. Moreover, you also learn practical skills and knowledge that help you perform your job well once hired. Simply put, postgraduate diplomas give you an edge over other applicants for the same role at a company.

2.      Flexibility of Schedule

Undergraduate or master’s degrees aren’t very flexible, and the expected completion period can take years. You may not be able to fit study around your busy schedule. That’s why a Graduate Diploma through RPL is the best choice. With the correct experience, you could obtain a nationally recognised qualification in weeks, not years.

Helps Transition into a New Career Path

Another huge benefit of Graduate Diplomas through RPL is that they can help you transition to a new career path more easily. If you have been thinking of switching your profession but don’t have the qualifications, then a postgraduate diploma RPL can help kickstart your new career. Instead of completing an entire degree, you can qualify for a role that fits your previous experience.

3.      Lower Cost

An RPL Graduate Diploma costs significantly less than a formal degree, as you’ve already done all the work! Through RPL, you’re only charged for mapping your experience to a formal qualification, nothing more.

Final Thoughts

Graduate diplomas are a great option for professionals and employees who want to increase their worth in expertise and skills and qualify for higher roles. Why commit to formal study when you can capitalise on your experience with a Graduate Diploma RPL?  Take our free RPL assessment today and see what you’re eligible for.

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