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Do you want to accelerate your career growth? Are you looking to advance your career by adding to your skillset? Then we highly recommend acquiring marketing certifications. Here’s why!

As everything is progressing at such a rapid pace and industries are changing so quickly, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything and maintain your position as a valuable employee. That is why you should always be open to learning new skills and developing yourself professionally. If, at any point, you begin to think that this is it and you no longer need to learn, you could harm your career.

This article discusses the importance of marketing certifications to help progress your career. Whether or not you’re a marketing professional, marketing skills have become essential for everyone. All industries and job roles require some level of understanding of marketing strategies. When you bring that skillset on board in addition to your area of expertise, you instantly become more valuable to your employer.

This way, you can get that promotion you’ve always wanted easier and quicker. You also become eligible for pay raises and applying for higher positions. If you’re ready to embark on this journey but unsure where to start, we’re here to help. Here are two top courses that we offer 3CIR that you should consider signing up for:

1.      Diploma of Marketing and Communication BSB50620

The Marketing and Communication diploma offered by 3CIR equips you with the required marketing and communication skills for success in an organisational setting. The diploma is offered through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), allowing you to showcase your learned skills formally.

The coursework for this diploma teaches you to establish yourself as a value proposition for any brand in the market. You will learn to create and evaluate marketing plans and different strategies that work for targeting specific audiences. You will also be able to identify and interpret evolving market trends and track your competition in the market.

2.      Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication BSB60520

Our Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication qualification is ideal for those pursuing higher management roles in marketing such as marketing and communication managers, directors, and strategists. At 3CIR, this course is only offered through RPL.

If you have been working as a marketing professional for a while and want to take your career to the next level, then this qualification can help you do that. You can position yourself as an experienced and qualified candidate for leadership roles in the marketing departments of any organisation.

You will learn to design, evaluate, and execute comprehensive marketing campaigns and strategies during the course.  it will also develop and hone your managerial skills. You will be able to help organisations build a profile and a brand identity.

Final Thoughts

No matter what field you’re in, marketing skills will always be relevant and valuable to your profession. Acquire these skills with the help of the marketing certifications mentioned above, and you will find it easier to push your career forward!

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