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HR Certifications

Have you been working in the industry for a while and are now interested in laying the groundwork to climb the ladder further? Or are you just starting your career in HR? With RPL, you can get a Diploma of Human Resources Management based on your prior experience.

What Are HR Certifications?

Employers don’t usually need HR certifications, but having them on your portfolio lets the company know the value you would add to the organisation. An HR certification will distinguish you from your peers, and you will establish yourself as an expert in the field. An HR certification emphasises your experience, competence, credibility, and dedication.

3 Reasons to Get Your HR Certification

You might have worked in the industry for a long time, but moving up the ladder is difficult because you haven’t proven your competence through certifications. RPLs help you overcome that. You don’t need to sit in class and undergo training, but based on your prior experience, you will be assessed and given your certificate.

Certification Sets You Apart

As you wish to aim higher and push your career forward, you must be more competitive and accomplish to get in on those coveted positions. Many HR professionals have at least one HR certification if not more. The higher up you go on the ladder, you will notice the number of certifications per HR professional increases, too.

Certifications Lead To Higher Pay

The certification you’ve been working towards can help bring your salary up. While it depends on factors like location, job level and more, obtaining a certain level of expertise will increase how much people are willing to pay for what they know is worth! As time passes, this trend continues with each passing year – meaning that even higher-paying jobs might be waiting out there just around the corner if only we had taken some earlier steps into developing our careers further.

Higher Chance of Promotion

HR professionals who gain certification to enhance their expertise and credibility notice their chances of a promotion increasing significantly, too. This fact is constant across the proverbial ladder, regardless of whether you are a new hire starting your career or an HR director.

While certifications result in positive career progressions at all job levels, they seem more important early in your career. For instance, a certified HR assistant is more likely to be promoted than an uncertified peer.

Get Your RPL Assessment

These credentials aren’t always a job requirement, but they do boost your career and propel you forward exponentially. So don’t worry about the time and effort you put in—it will be worth it. Get your Free RPL Assessment today and pave the way for a promotion or pay raise at your current organisation!

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