Study and training; the benefits these give you as an employee or employer

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Study and training; the benefits

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Study and training; the benefits

It has always been very difficult to find work, especially in the corporate world, without having prior training and education in the field one is applying for. That fact is even more so true nowadays.

Even jobs wherein individuals are to complete the most menial tasks require persons with at least high school experience. Even then, managers would much rather hire those with post-secondary education.

Of course, for employers to have such prerequisites aren’t just for nothing. Employers are more likely to hire those with training for good reason.

In truth, study and training give individuals quite a large amount of benefits, whether said individuals aspire to be or already are employees or employers. Said benefits are as follows:

For employees, it wouldn’t hurt to finish a Vocational Education Training (VET) course and get a formal certificate or diploma.

When an employer sees that you have a certificate, they’re far more likely to hire you than an individual who hasn’t taken the time to engage in further education. This is because the employer knows that to perform better.

While the job market in New Zealand and Australia can be competitive, it’s best to stand out on your resume by showing an employer one’s prior studies. This doesn’t mean just for employees; even business owners would benefit from including a formal qualification like a diploma or degree to succeed and grow their companies further!

Australia and New Zealand have large economies that frequently trade with other countries. If you wish to be globally competitive as an employer, it is beneficial to pursue further education so that an individual receives the training needed to succeed.

To obtain the education and training needed to either find a job as an employee or be a self-sufficient employer, one needs to find the perfect education and training provider for oneself, whether traditional or vocational.

3CIR is an institute that offers a wide variety of formally recognised qualifications from certificates, diplomas up to graduate diplomas. The qualifications are recognized in both Australia and New Zealand.

3CIR even offer e-courses, meaning individuals can study and gain knowledge in their field from the comfort of their homes, so if they have access to the internet, they can attend school and finish their qualifications.

This is great for those who are already working, have a family and would like to pursue studies without having to exhaust resources to travel to TAFE or university for weekly classes.

If you’re an aspiring businessman, taking up either their Certificate III or IV in Business Administration or a Diploma of Business Administration is a great choice.

Studying, gaining education, and training will open many doors for employers and employees.

If you are interested in gaining additional knowledge or qualifications for your resumé, you can visit us and we will show you how to be a better you.

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