Use Your Experience to Earn a New Certification: How 3CIR Connects You with RPL Certificate Courses

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3CIR Connects You with RPL Certificates

3CIR Connects You with RPL Certificates

Understanding when to take steps to move up is a critical component of career building. Suppose you are a veteran of the military, Army, Navy or Air Force. In that case, you have plenty of experience with a similar structure — improving your career in the armed forces takes dedication and a clear vision of what you want to achieve. That hunger for advancement can remain when you leave and transition to civilian life. Consider, then, that you could translate the skills you’ve earned and the accomplishments you’ve gathered so far into an RPL certification. By seeking recognition of prior learning, you could make inroads in a new industry or open the door to a promotion or new job position. First, you set lofty goals — now comes the work to achieve them.

At 3CIR, we’re dedicated to providing accessible, streamlined access to RPL certificate courses and credit for your knowledge and helping our veterans. With a 25% discount available to all defence forces and emergency response personnel, you can begin the work to distil your experience into qualifications with a smaller initial investment. The result is more accessible access to RPL certifications. Our course options range from certificates covering customer service to those enabling you to make deeper inroads into corporate business.

Working towards your RPL certification made easy

3CIR is here to help you continue developing career options. We assess your current level of education and can provide access to self-study programs that will allow the completion of elective units or courses at an accredited institution, increasing value in the resume portfolio submitted on behalf of RPL certificates, such as those concerning marketing communications skillset(s).

At 3CIR, we use a team of former military personnel to help you find the transferable skills and the certification that will enable you to develop a civilian career. As individuals with unique first-hand experience in the path you now contemplate, we occupy a unique position. Our passion for assisting our fellow veterans extends throughout our efforts, from your first assessment to the customer service you’ll experience at every point of contact.

Begin taking steps towards earning credit today

Sometimes, you may not have all the necessary experience or qualifications to earn the full credit required for an RPL certificate. For some course areas we serve, such as the Diploma of Security and Risk Management, don’t forget we also offer students the opportunity to undertake self-paced online study. With various courses available, fine-tuning your career path becomes much easier with the assistance of 3CIR. Combine that availability with the discount we mentioned earlier, and we hope you’ll choose to give us a call on 1300517039 today. You can complete a FREE RPL assessment form to get started today! We can assist if you are after Army RPL, Navy RPL, Air Force RPL or emergency services RPL.

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