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Veteran Employment Opportunities

Veteran Employment

The service industry in Australia remains the largest, with over 79% of the labour force currently employed. It is a diversified industry, and trends are shifting toward continued growth and demand for vocational education and training.

Professional, scientific, and technical services and construction are expected to grow within the services sector.

Essentially, to remain in a competitive job market today, you need to be able to provide evidence of skills and demonstrate competence and experience through attaining qualifications.

3CIR is the number one company in Australia that helps veterans and military personnel gain qualifications through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). We specialise in working with current or former soldiers from all services, covering topics like Army capability development materials management and employment opportunities and Army RPL, Navy RPL, Air Force RPL, and Emergency Services RPL.

The advantages of going through the RPL process are saving time and money, expediting the learning process, and getting qualified faster.

We have several courses available for RPL that are relevant in the services sector and many others. These courses include:

You can view more about these courses and the RPL online: https://www.3cir.com/services/courses/

See a range of 3CIR videos, including Leadership, HR, WHS, Security, Business, Marketing, Government, Project Management and many more!!

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