How RPL Can Assist Ex-Military Personnel

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How RPL Can Assist Ex-Military Personnel

RPL Ex-Military Personnel

After serving in the Army, Navy, Airforce or emergency services, transitioning to a civilian career can be intimidating. Thankfully, there are ways to make the transition easier. One such way is the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process. Covering Army RPL, Navy RPL, Air Force RPL and Emergency Services RPL.

When matching military experience to civilian qualifications, it is vital to recall that qualifications have levels, the same way that ranks do in the military. Each new level/rank demonstrates progression through a set framework and competence in completing tasks proficiently. Each new level/rank develops existing skills and abilities and teaches you new ones. Your responsibility also increases with each new level/rank.

This comparison between civilian qualifications and military rank makes it easier to see what skills transfer from the military to a formal qualification.

So, what does transfer?

The evidence you provide to the RTO should demonstrate that your skills match what is required for each qualification and that you have achieved a high level of knowledge and understanding of industry-specific topics.

It’s important because, without this information, we won’t be able to become certified in any field!

Over time, through your military career, you will have developed and increased your knowledge case as you develop and specialise in specific skills.

The RPL process matches your knowledge and skill base to a qualification level.

Using civilian terms, qualifications start at Certificate II. This is the equivalent of someone with basic skills and knowledge.

The next is Certificate II, where you’ve progressed beyond basic training and become a valued member of the team/workplace.

Certificate III is where your skills and knowledge have developed to start having a more active role in achieving the organisation’s goals and objectives. However, you still report to a manager or supervisor.

You can take on more organisational responsibilities at the Certificate IV level as you have further developed your knowledge and skills in various areas.

We typically see more military personnel with specialised knowledge at the Certificate IV level for Work Health and Safety and the Security and Risk Management industry. But everyone is different, as every military career is different. During your RPL application, we will look at your military career and any other activities, such as volunteer work, that may put you at a higher level than Certificate III or IV.

It is important to gain a qualification that matches you! So, get in touch with us today to kick-start your new career!

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