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Calling All Army, Defence, and Military Veterans: Pursue an RPL with 3CIR

Have you spent time serving in an army, military, or defence capacity in Australia or New Zealand? If so, then 3CIR wants to talk to you. As a partner to Asset Training Australia (RTO #31718), we operate as a mostly independent registered training organisation. The courses and certifications we teach range from business to work health and safety to risk management. We can help people gain the skills necessary to move into new careers. If you are seeking a military, defence, or army RPL, we can help.

While we welcome students from all walks of life at 3CIR, we often focus on providing high-quality military RPL opportunities. RPL stands for ‘recognition of prior learning’ and is a significant aspect of what we offer at 3CIR. Many jobs, activities and pursuits involve considerable skill acquisition and learning. However, because this learning does not occur in a classroom, it often goes overlooked and unrecognised.

The Benefits of Defence RPL

The military is a great opportunity for people to gain valuable skills and experience. In this day and age, more than ever before, there are opportunities within the armed forces that allow one such as yourself who might not have otherwise seen these heights or depths to find themselves stretched thin with possibilities on all sides! Unlike many jobs where you’re overlooking your abilities throughout most of it- enlisting becomes an act done by committee, giving weight back towards what matters:

Our RPL opportunities can deliver nationally accredited qualifications for skills and knowledge you already have. Depending on your role in the military, you may be well-equipped to pursue virtually any course in our catalogue. RPL courses are less expensive than our full training courses, as the pupils in these classes already have a base of knowledge to work with from the outset.

To make our courses even more attractive to military personnel, we offer a 25% discount on any RPL course to all Defence Force and Emergency Services personnel. We want anyone looking for defence RPL opportunities to come to us.

Respect for Military Personnel: Built into the 3CIR DNA

At 3CIR, we aren’t offering affordable army RPL courses to get a PR boost or anything of that nature. On the contrary, respect for military personnel is built right into our company’s DNA. 3CIR was started by Australian and New Zealand ex-defence personnel. 3CIR staff understand the difficulties that military and ex-military personnel face when reintegrating into society. We also understand how intensive defence training is and how valuable and applicable many skills learned in those training sessions are. 3CIR was launched in part to help fellow servicemen and women.

Don’t let the skills and experience you gained in the military go to waste. Instead, check out 3CIR’s website today and browse our available course areas. If you have any questions about our curriculum, our instructors, or our military initiatives, please call us directly on 1300517039. Apply for a FREE RPL assessment today!

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