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Military RPL qualifications can help kickstart your care after ADF

Military RPL Qualifications

You have acquired valuable skills if you have worked in the defence force. This is why you must ensure that your experience in the military is recognised so that you can choose from several career options after service. Although you might not have received a formalised qualification, your skills are still instrumental in the workforce. With our RPL qualifications, experience gained from the Army, Air Force, and Navy will be recognised so that you can transition out of military service and gain meaningful employment. Here are some of the best programs that you should consider.

  1. Government Security

Government security is among the most popular military RPL qualifications many enrol in. If you enjoy defending the nation or have an interest in making a difference, you will find the program to be just what you need. It will equip you with the necessary skills to work for the government.

  1. Business

Have a business mind? Our program will prepare you for a business career. You can learn the fundamentals of running a business. Develop marketing, finance, human resource, and operations skills throughout the qualification. The certification is nationally recognised and will allow you to take up work in the private sector or even open up your venture. After all, business skills will be useful in almost every aspect of your life. Therefore, you will find the program to be highly rewarding. It will ensure that you get to work for the organisation of your choice.

  1. Project Management

Studying project management might be a good idea for those who prefer having greater control over multiple projects. Our military RPL program will teach you all the skills to handle various projects. It aims to help you land an exciting role and encourages you to unleash your full potential. Besides, there is a huge demand for project managers. You must manage a team and monitor their work as a project manager. It will require strong communication and people skills.

  1. Work Health and Safety – Military RPL Qualifications

In addition to the above, you might want to consider work health and safety. Our program will ensure that you can prevent accidents and injuries at the workplace. Instead, you will get to learn how to promote health and safety. There are plenty of work health and safety job openings, so you will have no trouble finding employment once you complete the qualification.

Enrol in Our Military RPL Programs

3CIR is a veteran-owned and veteran-run organisation that Army veterans founded. We know how things can be when you complete military service. This is why we simplify the ADF RPL process to help you quickly obtain a qualification with minimal effort. Best of all, former and currently serving military personnel benefit from a significant discount on the qualification. You can take our RPL assessment today to start your next chapter in life.

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